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My go-to bands when anxiety hits!

Hey guys!

I am not sure about you but this quote really does fit with me..

Image result for Music makes the world go round

Recently i was asked what songs i like in a blogger award post i was nominated for..

I can’t really answer this very well, my music tastes change depending on my mood, but one thing i can say is that i have some go too’s.

To me, my favourite bands are like best friends, familiar, comforting, not judgemental and make me feel calm and are some of my front runners..

  • Blink 182
  • Panic at the disco
  • Fall out boy
  • Jimmy eat world
  • Nickleback
  • Kings of Leon

They are all just that! I know the words, i sing along non stop almost on autopilot!

But when i am feeling down, when i feel like my mental health is slipping a little, there is one album that helps above all others,

Get cape wear cape fly,

Image result for get cape wear cape fly chronicles

This album resonates with me, the words, the tone, the raw emotion that comes from it, this album in particular has got me through so much, so many anxiety attacks have been calmed by singing along word for word, this gives me something to hold on to, some sort of sure thing i can be confident in, i know these words, they aren’t going to change, they are reliable and this is what i need when my anxiety is sky high!

It is amazing the power that music has on me, i get so much from listening to things over and over, Hubby teases me about it all the time, but it really is like a comfort blanket, and seeing these bands live would be amazing, so far of this list i have only seen Get cape, wear cape fly, Nickleback and Kings of leon live (all more than once) I missed Blink 182 lately as i was on holiday and the rest don’t seem to want to visit the North of England!


Anyway, i talk of my ‘Post IVF world’ and usually what i write about is directly associated with infertility, but this, this is me, a closer look, something that shapes who i am and is therefore a huge part of my ‘Post IVF world’.

I would love to hear what your relationship with music is like? Do you have specific bands that are a go to when you are feeling different emotions!? Or maybe just different genres? I love to listen to 90’s playlists when i am getting ready for a night out, but don’t listen to it any other time! I told you i was a strange one!!!

I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far! We are nearly over the HUMP!

Until next time..

bye bye











8 thoughts on “My go-to bands when anxiety hits!

  1. I know everyone says they have a special link to music but I feel like I truly have a musical conversation at soul level. I live my life to a lyric sheet and will always find a song for every mood an experience. My GO-TO bands when I’m feeling down and depression is lingering is Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, In This Moment, Black Veil Brides, All That Remains, Blue October and of course, Linkin Park xx

    Thanks so much for sharing 😁


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    1. Love evanescence and linkin park! Haven’t heard of the rest but I’m going to check them out!
      I know what you mean! I feel a connection with the music I love. I understand it and I feel like it understands me!

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  2. When anxiety hits, I’m usually out somewhere on my own so my way of coping is usually to put headphones in and listen to Jack Johnson. This was my brothers favourite artist when we were little and it’s something that calms me down!


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