Holiday anxiety.

Hey guys!
It’s been a while. But that’s ok.
I’m writing when I feel like it, not when I feel like I should!
I’m enjoying reading over as much of what you guys have been writing as I can.
It’s great seeing how far some of you have come over the last 6 months or so!
Last week we went to lanzerote! The weather was cloudy and I really was looking forward to a little bit of sun!
Alas we can’t have it all and we made the most of what turns out to be a really beautiful island!
Here’s a couple of pictures for you guys!




Anyway, it was the first time we went away after getting puppy and my anxiety was getting pretty bad before hand!
I just didn’t want to leave him. And was convinced that no one could follow his routine enough to keep him feeling secure and happy!
Of course I was completely wrong and he had a wonderful time! It gave me the confidence to look forward to my September holiday and be able to count down the time in a positive way! (The run up to this holiday was full of dread and panic for leaving him)

Holidays effect me in a funny way anyway! I thrive on routine and my anxiety is at its lowest when I can plan and expect what the immediate and long term future will hold.
With a holiday it can be so unknown and it really messes with my mental health having no idea what to expect! When I’m there I’m usually fine though! When I get there i try my hardest to enjoy every day as much as I can. I have to conciously make myself relax and remind myself that a holiday is for enjoying and making the most of! Trying to drill it in to my head that it’s ok to do things spur of the moment!

Does anyone else out there in the blogging world feel the same?
How does the run up to a holiday effect you? Is it in a positive or a negative way?
I would love to hear what you guys think?

Speak soon guys! Keep writing!


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