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A question for you!

It has become apparent that my ‘Post IVF world’ if very different to the one i had before. Recently i have turned a corner in my life, one that possibly happens to many of us sooner or later….

I have started to listen to radio 2 instead of radio 1!

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But seriously, i have never been a radio kind of gal, much preferring the CD’s i know and love. I have spoken about my go to music before, discussing how important it is for me especially when i am feeling very anxious to listen to something familiar and predictable.

Saying this, it seems i am changing, dare i say maybe maturing!!  I find Radio 2 much less cringey and easier to listen to than other stations, i find the topics they cover far more relevant to my life and general thought process.

Does anyone else find themselves doing this as they get older?!

Anyway, the reason i am telling you this is, this morning as i was driving to work and i was listening to my newly found mature radio station. They were talking about Mondays, the usual ‘tips to get through Monday’ type of conversation was going on, and i am ALWAYS keen on getting through a Monday easier!

As i listened one person explained that they would prefer a difficult day, one that increased stress levels and made them have to think on their feet. They said they worked much better under pressure and the results are usually of a better quality when they have been under excess pressure to get a job done. This really got me thinking, wondering what factors effect a person to need to be under pressure to get a project done well. I wondered if it was an age thing, maybe something you need as you get older and more factors are introduced into life. I wondered if i would ever get to the time when the pressures i currently fear would be my driving force, if one day, i could harness my anxieties rather than cower away from them.

For me right now, i couldn’t think of anything worse than to feel under a huge amount of pressure to get something done. The very thought makes me anxious and nauseous, a predicament i avoid like the plague. I wonder if i am making things more difficult for myself by avoiding these situations, and therefore not giving myself a chance to learn how to deal with them correctly and that maybe this would come in time, i feel like i have changed so much over the past year, as i have entered this ‘Post IVF world’ that has been forced upon me. I am stronger, i am more adventurous, i am able to do things i never would have dreamed before (this blog being one of them).

I would love to know what you guys think…

How do you deal with pressure? Would you prefer to have a lot of pressure on you to get a job done, or do you hide away from this kind of anxiety enhancing experience.

One of my aims this year is to get this blog more inclusive, i want to get people talking, with me, with each other, with anyone. Chatting, connecting, blogging, collaborating, i would love to create a hub when people can do this. I need to look at changing the format of my blog, where it is more of a website where people can communicate, with my blog being just a small part of the site! (If anyone can steer me in the direction of someone who could help that would be fab!)





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