New chapter starts soon!

Hi guys!

I’m hoping you are all well! I haven’t been very active on my blog but have been following your journeys and chatting with as many of you as I can over on twitter!! Keep up the good work!

I thought I’d update you on how my ‘post IVF world’ is shaping up right now!

First of all.
Now, over a year after our last cycle of IVF failed it doesn’t come in to daily conversation much anymore!
I must say that I am relishing this, and it’s nice to have a relationship based on exitment for the future as opposed to living day by day!
I have another hormone appointment coming up. It will be interesting to hear what they say about my levels as ‘touch wood’ my migraines aren’t as bad these days!
I’m struggling with my weight a little. As some of you will know, I have battled with eating disorders for a long time. After IVF failed I stopped eating again and lost a lot of weight. Last summer I was very thin.. too thin! Now though, I feel myself putting more weight on. Being able to grab my stomach with my hand, I’m not fat, I know that. But I feel like I’m loosing the control I had over my weight. And although it’s nice for it to not be weighing on my mind all the time, when I do indulge I feel so much remorse! I think back to last summer and I’m ashamed to say I’d rather be that thin again that what I am now!

Beyond that. I’m not having too many other issues.

I’ve officially enrolled on to a counsellor training course for September and I’m so exited for this new chapter to start! It can’t come soon enough! I went to an induction at the college the other day and met the tutor. He was telling us that this course can be life changing In so many ways. I’m really hoping that it’s the start of an amazing new career and way of thinking for me!

I have also been diving head first into wedding planning!

A huge thanks to sliding doors (go check out her blog)

Who has been giving me SO many hints and tips when it comes to wedding planning!
I’m getting married in a beautiful barn in the North East of England’s and am trying to do it on a very tight budget! If anyone is from around here and knows a photographer or someone who could play music at the ceremony please please get in touch! 💞

Hubby and I are pretty keen on DIY so doing a lot of it ourselves comes naturally! I’m busy knitting triangles to make bunting and he’s busy making big frames so we can make our own photo booth! If you are interested I’ll post pics when they are done!!!

This blog might not be as IVF focused from now on. I’d like to keep writing but if the topics are a bit more varied I’m not sure people will want to read! I’d love to hear your thoughts!
I suppose it’s still all my world after IVF!
Speak soon everyone! 💜


4 thoughts on “New chapter starts soon!

    1. That’s an amazing idea!! We like the idea of a cake made of cheese! Literally a couple of wheels of cheese on top of eachother! 😂 but I’m lucky that my mums and amazing Baker and she’s going to make the cake for us!

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