Driving has become a WHOLE lot more entertaining!

Hi Guys!

As past or my ‘post IVF world’ it is important for me to talk to you about issues that have come from my diagnosis or subsequent IVF failures and i do this frequently! Hopefully this is helpful for those of you who are dealing with similar issues and interesting for those of you who don’t know much about the topic!

However, as part of my world now, my recovery if you like. I feel like it is important to show you what helps me on a day to day basis. The little things that make me who i am at the moment, and to help you guys dig a little deeper into who i am as a person!

I have mentioned in previous posts that i have favourite music that i listen to. This really  helps me calm and reflect on situations i am struggling with! here is the post if you would like to read it.

I have also said before how much i LOVE murder mysteries! Seriously, i am a sucker for them! They don’t even have to be very good! I find them so easy to immerse myself in and they really hold my attention!

Anyway… recently a friend suggested i listen to podcasts on my way to and from work. I had a look and there is a CRAZY amount of choice out there so i gave up on the idea a little bit.

Another friend then suggested the same thing, and gave me two that i might enjoy! I am now addicted to them!

The first one is;

S-Town – A real life story about a guy who lives in a small town in Alabama who claims he heard some people talking of a murder in his local area! It is entirely addictive and i sped through listening to it – would highly recommend! 

Image result for s town

Serial – This is another real life crime podcast made by the same people as S-town as far as i can make out. It has a different feel to S-town, and it took me a little longer to get in to it but i am really enjoying it! 

Image result for serial

To me these two have the same effect as murder mysteries. I can totally loose myself in them, concentrating on the small details of the crimes. It stops me thinking about anything that is bothering me in reality and i like that!

So there you have it, not at all fertility or mental health related. But it is a small building block to making me who i am, and therefore part of my ‘Post IVF world’!

Have you got any podcasts that you love at the moment? I would love to hear about them as i can imagine i will be finishing serial soon!! 


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