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Feeling guilty.

Hi Guys!

I have been feeling pretty guilty this week, i haven’t posted as much as usual, i also have tried to catch some chats on twitter but life just got in the way, the days slip by and suddenly its been 5 days since my last blog post and i haven’t managed to do any of the blog work i intended.

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I have been so proud of how my blog and subsequent work has been going lately, and i feel like it has fallen by the wayside, making me feel overwhelmed almost like i have bitten off more than i can chew, i also feel like, in the blogging world, if you take a step back, even for a week, it can really effect traffic to the blog and twitter followers fall off rather quickly, this in itself is so demotivating and frustrating, that is where i am at right now!

The good news is that i know the culprit!!!

Hector bow tie

Things have been pretty hectic since this little man joined our family over 3 weeks ago now! He is an amazing bundle of fun but i am pretty bad when it comes to keeping routine, my  usual times when i blog has now been taken over by watching him, training, cuddles and everything else that comes with having a fluff ball! But it has knocked me for six and i am now struggling to find time to sit down un interupted and write, i miss it, and need it, but i also want to give the pup the best start he can get.

It may sounds strange to some, but changes in routine like this, even when it is change for the better, it can make my anxiety sky rocket! This is the reality of living with mental health issues, it doesn’t have to make sense, it can seem like i am making something out of nothing, feeling generally uneasy when in reality things are fine, feeling physically sick and on edge all the time, i am sure things will settle down, we will develop a new routine, and that will become the norm, but for now, it is unsettling and it is effecting me in so many ways!

I felt like it was important to share this with you, i felt like i owe people who read this blog an explanation..i know non of you would ever expect one from me, you are all too kind as it is, but there it is just the same.

bye bye



26 thoughts on “Feeling guilty.

  1. He is the cutest doggy I have ever seen!! I know what you mean about routines being upset and it causing anxiety though. I’ve still not found my feet since going back to work part time, and as you can tell – I’m behind on my reading!! I feel like I’m constantly trying to play catch up. All I can say, is that I work every day to get a better balance, sometimes I achieve it, sometimes not, but at least I’m aware of it and am trying to improve it 🤷‍♀️💜

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      1. I dunno, I get sucked in when I’m there and get all wound up about really insignificant stuff and then when I’m away from it for a few days, I remember that I don’t care!! I just wish I could remember that when I’m there and not get so caught up in it all!! I’ve taken some annual leave now anyway whilst I stim, just wanted to give it the best chance possible and I’m feeling very chilled out and relaxed 👍

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    1. Ah thank you for saying so! He’s lovely and I just want to do the right thing for him! I’ve decided to let myself be ok with stepping back from blogging over Christmas and hit it full force in the new year


  2. I can relate to this. We got a kitten a few weeks back and it’s amazing how much time they take up in your day I havent had any sleep. It either meows or scratches the door and when I let him in pounces on ME. REPEATEDLY. HA. 😢 my other cat and the kitten chase each other and make so much noise at night. I love him though. I agree abouut the anxiety side of things it’s hard dealing with a mental illness. The small things which seem small to others are sometimes like the end of the world for some that deal with anxiety. just take time out when you need it and please don’t feel guilty for doing so. Have a lovely Christmas xx

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  3. You definitely shouldn’t feel guilty! Also your new puppy is adorable❤ I can relate to anxiety flaring up with a change in routine, I hope it calms down again for you soon.


  4. What a cutie he is, its crazy how much a pet can effect your routine and are time, I’ve had my cat for 2 years now and she still demands a lot of my time but they’re so worth it.
    Hope you have a wonderful christmas x


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