Merry Christmas to my wonderful readers!

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Hi guys!

I hope this post finds you all well, i have been a little detached from my blog lately, and i have been quite vocal about my internal struggles i am having between the blog and my ‘real life’ on here and social media!

SO i wanted to update you guys on where i am at right now,

It’s Monday morning! (Exactly a week until Christmas Day)
I have had a wonderfully festive weekend with friends, family, shopping, mulled wine and general all round festive fun!
It’s nice to say that right now I am feeling happy.. actually happy, as in, internal peace, calm and tranquillity where i am feeling good about things!

As I have spoken about in a recent post. I have been having anxiety about my lack of blogging lately.

After we got our puppy he seemed to take up so much time, time that I want to treasure and enjoy without feeling anxious that I am abandoning other things that are important to me, i have really struggled with this and have found it difficult to settle into a resolution.
But last week I had a good mental health week and I managed to reassure myself that actually it is fine to take a break from blogging to enjoy our new family member!
And what better time to do it than Christmas!

And here is my resolution;

I am going to take a little break from my blog until the new year.
I will still spend time on twitter (mostly because I’m a little obsessed) but I won’t pressure myself to write a post or do work that I have been set by others.. it’s lovely to be able to say that it’s okay to do this, i am calm about this decision and i don’t feel any anxiety about it! (so far)

This is due mostly to the reaction my ‘feeling guilty‘ post had. Wise words given to me from other bloggers has given me the ability to feel like i can make this decision. The reassurance that this doesn’t make me a bad person or less of a blogger just because I need a break! So thank you to everyone who gave me the confidence to write this post and allow myself to have a break!

For now, Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

bye bye

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