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I am more mindful than mind full now!

Hello again…

I just thought i would share with you how my weekly goal went this week….

I cannot begin to explain how glad i am that i chose this weekly goal. it really has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking that i didn’t even know existed!!

One of the lovely people who commented on my midweek review mentioned an app called headspace, i hadn’t heard of it before but it was said to be great for bringing some mindfulness, especially in the morning, so, like all of this weeks goal i had an open mind and thought i would see what its all about.

Here is a little rundown of what happens when you download the app;

  • So…Headspace starts with a video.. and a great little video it is!
  • The guy speaking talks you through where is best to meditate.
  • He then give you a little info of the science behind the information he is giving you.
  • And recommends where and when is best to use the app. (which is good because i wouldn’t have had a clue)
  • And then you can choose to start the first session (3 mins)
  • The course is ten days long so you do one a day!!



I am sure there are many other Mindfulness courses out there, this one just so happens to be the one i have stumbled across, but it seems pretty good so far so i will keep you updated over the next ten days!



Anyway back to what else i have been up to….

I found this explanation of mindfulness earlier;

‘Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgement.’

It came from this website that talks of the benefits of mindfulness in our day to day lives, and how it came to be that we use it in our modern day world.

It is claimed that mindfulness originated with Buddhists where they are trained to take there focus off every day tasks that are required of them and concentrate on the present moment and what is directly surrounding them, for example the warm sun on your body or the smell of the flowers in the garden.

With this in mind, i think this is one of the things i have realised the most this week, sometimes i just let life pass me by, we all do it, we blink and another week has gone, for me its always then that i realise i forgot to ring my grandmother or return a friends message because i let life get in the way, and i feel so guilty!! I really need to take on board what i am learning here and take some more time to appreciate the things that really matter!! (because lets face it, who really cares if i rushed around to put the washing in and do the washing up this morning???) its really not important in the grand scheme of things.. i don’t want to look back and be like yeah, things were always clean!! Not really an achievement, not the kind that will matter to future me anyway!!

Companies are even introducing mindfulness as part of the workplace.. id love to hear about it if any of my readers have this!!! how does it work in practice??

A term that keeps popping up has been the ‘anchor’ it is a tool in meditation to help focus your mind.. if your mind wanders you can use the anchor to get back on track, its basically something to concentrate on, most likely your breathing this article helped me understand how an anchor is used and why.

Yesterday way a hard day for me, i had some much planned and hubby was off and we had a day planned together with friends and family, but i woke up feeling so anxious, and the day we had planned suddenly wasn’t exiting but stressful and the thought of everything i had to achieve made me feel physically sick, it was so hard to hide how i was feeling from everyone, but later i went upstairs, took ten minutes for myself and did one of the mindfulness exercises. I am not claiming it solved the problem but i came downstairs, got a cocktail (ALWAYS HELPS), and managed to feel a LOT better for the BBQ we were hosting!

So in conclusion.. mindfulness is pretty awesome…

If you are anxious like i am i strongly recommend just a little research into the subject to see if you think it could be of use to you! I m certainly glad i chose this as my weekly goal and will be carrying on with what i have found, it still remains thought that the image below has made the most impact, it is how i feel 90% of the time and i want to change that for the better, and i am for sure better able to do that now.










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