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Mind full or Mindful?

Weekly update on goal progress…

Hi Guys,

How are you all? Did you set yourself any goals last week? I would love to hear about them or….  

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This weeks goal was to learn about something new, something i have no prior knowledge about but that interests me in some way, and i really am exited about this!!!

I first heard of the term ‘to be mindful’ from the cover of one of my favourite colouring books, which i actually showed you guys in a previous post. ( When life takes over…)  take a look!! I think the best way to start this task is to look at what i know already, mindfulness is linked with adult colouring which is something i enjoy, so i am going to start there!

What is obvious immediately just from a little bit of searching is that mindfulness comes hand in hand as a relief for stress and anxiety, as someone who really suffers from bad anxiety attacks its great to know that there are alternatives to medication your GP might want to prescribe, in all honesty what i thought mindfulness was and what it is appearing to be is not quite the same thing, but that is the whole point in this weeks goal, so bring it on!!!

I found this article that explains beautifully the pleasure that can be gained from colouring in as a form of relaxation, and manages to go some way to explaining why it lends itself to people suffering from anxiety or depressions.

Eventually, i came across this very good article , i had been looking for something i could relate to, that made sense in my world that i could understand in my own terms, and here it explains that feelings are okay, positive or negative, which ever way society see’s them, its okay to have them, its normal and we don’t need to beat ourselves up about having any of these feelings, we just need to connect with them, understand them and let them go.

I am going to try these simple steps when i am next struggling with anxiety, i have never thought of my feelings in this way, and its almost liberating to realise that its okay to feel like that, its understanding why and trying to let them go that is important (and i think will prove the most challenging)

Train your mind to see the good in every situation’

I am sure i have a ton more to learn, but half way through this weeks goal and i am already feeling glad i decided to learn about something new, and honestly i am feeling pretty uplifted!

When i looked through images of mindfulness, this one jumped out at me, this is exactly what i, and i am sure many of you guys need!! 

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10 thoughts on “Mind full or Mindful?

  1. Love both articles you’ve linked to, but the second one in particular for me has really been an eye-opener. Like you said, realising that all emotions are ok. Particularly for me to realise that it’s ok to feel sad and feel grief and feel anger. I suppress these, which is why I’ve now got shingles! This has really helped, thanks so much xx


      1. I honestly felt the same! Like all of a sudden I sat and thought “life has been pretty crap the past 3 years, and so it’s perfectly acceptable to feel crap about it!” 😱 I think I’m finally starting to feel a little better thank you, the blisters are easing off and I’ve managed a couple of nights of good sleep, so hopefully I’m on the mend, thank you 😊

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  2. Yeah. Crap is fine.. and totally understandable.. what’s isn’t fine is feeling guilty about feeling that way.. you don’t need to. It’s a great realisation! Glad you seem to be on the mend! A couple more good nights sleep will do you the world of good I’m sure 😊


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