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Weekly goal update- kind to be kind


Hi Guys!! 


I just want to start by showing you a quote that has been my driving force this week…

kind to others

So its that time of the week..again!!

I have been working on this weeks goal and had some fun doing it for sure, although probably harder than i expected, and does feel a bit weird to consciously make sure i am doing a ‘good deed’ to someone in any given day but seriously,

How great is it to be kind to others?!!? 

From helping someone who couldn’t find there way to a friends house , spending time with friends who are having a tough time, to helping out by looking after our niece to give her parents some time out, its great to make other people feel even just a little better than they did before.

Its hard to pin point the line between just generally being a decent human being to going out of your way to do a ‘good deed’ but i must say i have made a conscious effort this week and i think i have achieved everything i wanted to do!

But i have had my own up and downs and i have had a couple of days were i have really struggled with my anxiety, and i did loose sight of what i was trying to do a couple of times,but  then i found this…


kind to be kind

And i realised that i need to stop being so hard on myself, its great to be ‘kind’ to others, but to truly help other people i really need to spend some time being kind to myself first, to help me process where i am at and how far i have come so far, and i think by doing that i will have more head space available to dedicate to helping others, and u think i am getting there, but there is always room for self improvement isn’t there?

And in the interest of self improvement/ positivity and being mindful, this weekend i am going to spend a night away with the Hubby, spend some time together, chatting, eating, drinking and catching up with an old friend, i am also going to a spa this week which i am hoping helps me find my zen!!

Anyway…. There is my run down of my Weekly goal… short but sweet i know, i am looking for inspiration for my next goal… any ideas? i would love to hear from you!!

bye bye


















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