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It’s the little things that count.

Hi guys!

This week is flying past and somehow its Tuesday night, its been a hellish week so far and there are SO many things i should have been doing and setting a goal was one of them!!!

But better late than never eh???? But first..

I want to share a story with you…

When I was young… I don’t even remember how young, maybe 6/7 years old ish, I went on a family holiday abroad, as far as my memory will allow me to remember, I think it was one of our first holidays abroad.. anyway… that’s irrelevant to the story!!

One day I was in the kids club doing some sort of activity and we were walking around the resort with the ‘teacher’ style people… what would you call them? I’m not sure.. anyway.. the adults in charge….and this little girl.. i will never forget what she was like, the same age as me roughly, she had bright blonde hair and she had a really strong London accent.. I used to leave near London. (We moved north when I was 4) and so at that age is still gravitated towards people who sounded southern, I guess it reminded me of my old life down south.
Anyway, this little girl was loud, jumping around and full of life, rightly or wrongly she told me it was her turn to hold the ‘teachers’ hand…i have never been hugely confident so I let go and gave her a turn and grabbed the other hand instead… and that was it, for the rest of the day we played together, then later we played on the swings together in the hotel, we exchanged names and we went to introduce each other to our parents, and for the rest of our holiday we didn’t leave each others sides! We even got matching braids… which is obviously what you do on holiday to cement a relationship!! (who remembers getting a braid on holiday, it was always my holiday goal for sure)


It didn’t end there…

Over that week our parents got to know each other and we had a fab holiday, and one that I could never forget because I met this little girl, larger than life that made me smile right from the second I met her!
But people meet friends on holiday and that’s it… maybe these days you might stay friends on Facebook but not real life actual friends.
But we kept in contact and used to spend hours speaking on the phone, comparing lives, not always getting on, but always staying in touch, and over the years we have met up with and without parents, and i can honestly say she has grown up to be the nicest, most beautiful, inspiring person I know.

She still makes me smile every time I speak to her 20 odd years on!

I am going to be 28 in August and we haven’t seen each other since my 21st birthday but when we speak it feels like just yesterday!
She’s one of the few ‘real life’ friends I have told about this blog, and one of the even less who I have let read it!
The other night I shared with her what I have learned in my weekly goals of last week and how much mindfulness effected me, she told me about a book she was reading and how it might be if interest to me.
I told hubby about the book and I said I’d have a look for it through the week.. and that was that.
I was sitting at home on Sunday night.. around 6pm and there was a knock at the door with an amazon guy on the other side.. as I opened the door he apologised for the late delivery.. I concluded hubby must have ordered something through my account as it had my name on.
I went through and asked what he had ordered and he looked confused, so I opened it up and there was the book my friend had been talking about with a little note…



Yeah, i am sure some might think. It’s just a book. And yes it is, but to me it’s more than that, she thought of me, she spent her well earned money on me, after so long she wanted to do something kind for me and surprise me like that and I was so overwhelmed!

I couldn’t even put into a message how thankful I was, yes for the book, of course, but more for her, that she is still in my life, although I wish we spoke or visited each other more, i am so grateful that we still speak, and that I have been part of that little girl growing in to the most amazing woman that I can call my friend!
And inspired by this… I decided upon my next weekly goal…

goal 2

Goal number four;
To do something particularly selfless each day, to make someone smile, do something kind, help someone out. Because sometimes i get so wrapped up in my own world i don’t think of others as much as i should!  

So – that’s it guys, the goal for this week is set!!!

As always i will keep you updated!!!

bye bye



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