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I have a new goal!

Hi guys,

I have something a little different for you guys today! 

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It’s crazy how my anxiety peaks and troughs, but for the first time in a long time, i feel like i am starting to get a handle on when to expect it to get better or worse, this in itself can determine how bad it gets in any given episode!

This week, it is fair to say has been a good one!

It is amazing to be able to write that, knowing i really, truly mean it !

Someone said to me the other day that a good way to get a handle on anxiety is to balance your thoughts by thinking of 3 positive things and 3 negative ones, because it is okay to know some things don’t happen the way you expect, or make you uncomfortable, this is part of life, but it is also important to rejoice in the good things, and this is something i tend not to do!

I have an awful habit of concentrating on the negative things which then leads to my thoughts spiralling into the depths of anxiety and depression, and this technique really sounds worth a shot! ( i would love to hear of any of you guys giving it a go to)

So as it is the end of the week, i am forcing myself to think of 3 positive things that happened and 3 negative things, this week isn’t so bad because it has been relatively anxiety free, but i am setting myself a task of doing this for the next 4 weeks and then will see it is helps with my anxiety in any way! (I will keep you guys posted).

Right now my mantra is…. 

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So here we go… 

This weeks POSITIVES:

  1. I feel like my blog is back on track after a couple of weeks of less views etc
  2. I have a friend visiting this weekend from London and i am all prepared and sorted ahead of schedule!
  3. My anxiety has been good this week and i have been able to concentrate on things without feeling overwhelmed!

This weeks NEGATIVES;

  1. I haven’t managed to get much writing done on my book!
  2. I have been struggling to get to sleep with things rushing through my head of what i need to get done before the weekend!
  3. I have been struggling with bad skin lately and it doesn’t seem to be getting better!

I would love for some/any of my readers who struggle with anxiety to give this a go this week too! ( after all we are stronger together) maybe jot it down and then we can chat about how we did together, its harder than you think!




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