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Working on my anxiety techniques.


Hi guys!

Its Friday finally, and right now, for me that means i am going to be …

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So last week i wrote a post about trying out something that had been suggested to me to help combat my anxiety.

In last weeks post i talked about how the week had been pretty good and so my anxiety hadn’t been too bad, and actually thinking about it this week has been okay too, i think that has ALOT to do with being off work and being able to do a ton of blog work and writing in general!!

It is really good to sit back and think about how my anxiety has been over the week, i think i fixate on it so much when its bad i forget to take notice when it is good!

I would love to hear of anyone that did this last week, and if it helped or not, maybe give it a go! 

I thought last week after i had posted that it makes more sense to list the negatives first, then finding the positives after, ending on a higher note, so i am going to try it that way round!

This weeks NEGATIVES  (because it is okay to have them)

  1. I have come down with a cold, i hate having a cold, i would rather have a sickness bug where you can lie in bed and feel better, with a cold you can’t even lie down because you can’t breath!!!
  2. I have struggled to balance family time and work time with being off this week, i want to see family, but i also had so much i wanted to do on the blog! And i have struggle to make sure i get a happy medium without missing out on either!
  3. We had a full house over the weekend, it was awesome, but i always struggle with the quiet after people leave, like there is something missing!

This weeks POSITIVES

  1. I have got SO much blog stuff done with some really exiting projects coming up!
  2. My sister surprised me by visiting home this week! I couldn’t believe she was here and we have had some really good quality time!
  3. It is my favourite time of year, it is getting chilly, i have got the scarfs and hats out, had some autumn walks and enjoyed every second of the crisp air!

So there it is, seems simple enough, and it is, but to make myself sit and contemplate my mental health seems to be very helpful for me, therapeutic even!

Obviously i won’t always write it on my blog, that would seriously boring for you guys, but its worth showing you how it is helping me, if any of you are suffering right now, try it, worth a shot anyway! 

Until next time guys!

bye bye


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