Monday mornings…positivity challenge!

Happy Monday!! 

I have somehow wangled a morning working from home today! Fab way to ease myself back in to reality after snow week! WOW ( you know when you spend too much time on twitter when you try to hashtag something in a blog post!!! )


I am feeling pretty positive right now, and i feel like some of you guys might need to be perked up a bit, so i thought i would open up a challenge for you all… and woul love you guys to get involved!

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What i am going to do is to list 4 positive things about the beginning of my week, then when it launches i am going to tag some of you guys in the post on twitter and then its your turn, so keep an eye out!!

You can then write a post that lists 4 positive things about this week and then tag me in it so i can see and tag others to do it too! 

Here are mine; 

  1. I am waiting to hear back from a University and a College about starting Counselling courses with them. I am hoping i don’t have to start from the bottom as i already have a degree (in something totally unrelated).
  2. I already have plans for the weekend (including Hubby’s birthday and meeting a local fellow blogger!! )
  3. After not being able to get there last week i can’t wait to get back to puppy training with Hector this week and learn something fun with him!!
  4. March is looking pretty good with Hubby’s birthday celebrations, a friends wedding, a trip to Ireland and then family time at Easter.

I am SO hoping this positive feeling carries on, i feel like i am really turning a corner at the moment and things are feeling a lot clearer!

Can’t wait to read what you guys are positive about! 

P.S if i don’t tag you on twitter PLEASE feel free to still do this challenge it might do you the world of good! 

Until next time guys…

bye bye

23 thoughts on “Monday mornings…positivity challenge!

  1. This is such a great idea, I can be such a negative person sometimes that I’m always up for something that challenges you to think of positive things. I tried to do a daily positive tweet at the start of the year but kept forgetting to do it! I really need to start writing them down so I’m more likely to remember! Sounds like you’re going to have a busy month, hope you enjoy it!

    Jess xx

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  2. Sounds like an awesome idea! As a positivity blogger, I think it’s great to start the day writing, or typing, down four positive things you’re looking forward to. If we at least start the day thinking about, and physically seeing, the good things that’ll be coming up, it can definitely give us some hope that our life will improve; it just starts with us! I hope to see this become a trend as well!

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  3. This is great. I should start implementing this on my daily morning rituals. It does help having positive affirmations in the morning to pump up your confidence levels and claim that today is another day. Make the most of it and enjoy it. Love this.

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