The big freeze has hit the UK!

Hi guys!

Whose having a……

Image result for snow day

I’m having an impromptu day off due to very snowy conditions here in the North of England.. the so called BIG FREEZE!!!
I must say that while everyone is panicking I’m very happy being snuggled with this little monkey at home looking at the pretty white stuff out the window!!


The only downside of all this as a self employed person I don’t get paid while I’m not at work! This had the opportunity to really trigger anxieties but i am feeling calm and productive and am of the opinion you have to take the good with the bad.

Image result for positivity

I’ve been busying myself with making bread, soup and taking Hector out to play in the snow, he loves it and my heart totally melts when i see him playing the way he does.

I am going to say something that probably sounds insane….

Right now, actually specifically last night, after we had been out in the snow with the pup, whilst we were eating bread and cheese and Hubby played on his XBOX, something hit me. I feel okay that we don’t have children, right now, Hector and Hubby are enough for me, we are a little family that we have created and i am at peace with that! 

For those who want to see.. I put a video up of him playing on my twitter last night!! Turns out i am a crazy dog lady now!

So these are the things that i have managed to get done…
1- Applied for a new job.
2- Spoke to people with regards to counselling courses that I would like to persue! ( i am going to go for it guys)
3- Wrote a couple of blog posts
4- Had friends over
5- Written some articles for online magazines!
So far so good I would say!
For those of you in the U.K. What’s the weather like where you are and how are you spending your snow days?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!


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