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Why I’m ready for Autumn!

Hey guys!

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I thought/ needed to share with you guys how flippin’ exited I am for the Autumn!

This last week or so has been pretty chilly in the mornings, i got a couple of my thicker cardies out that have been hiding under the bed for the summer and i am pretty happy to see them!!
Don’t get me wrong, summer is lovely, but I am so ready for winter jumpers, hot chocolates, cool breezes.. fireworks night..brisk walks in the cool air..and. Christmas!

The lot!

Seriously, it is my favourite time of year and I am getting giddy with excitement!
I love having the family together.. the dark nights and the heart warming food!
Bonfire night is my second favourite day of the year ( Christmas Day is the first) and we have so many events planned, I love just immersing myself in my friends and family, it’s my happy place, my safe place, where I don’t worry about things as much!
I’m also hoping that I have a little more time for blogging and writing, as the nights draw in we can’t do as much after work.. so staying in and writing is just fine for me, i have lots planned for this blog and my passion for raising awareness of infertility, mental health and such things, after my holiday this week it will be my focus and i am feeling pumped!

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The other thing that hit me when i was getting out those thick cardies and getting exited for the cooler weather was that this year is the first time in so long that i haven’t been worried about IVF, Fertility, loss, grieving and all those other shitty things that come with this whole process, this blog is about my ‘Post IVF world,’ and part of me feels like that is really going to more apparent over this season, i feel like previous ones have been clouded with doom and gloom, and this year i want to make it all about every one i love the most!

Anyway, i just felt like i really needed to share this with you, its nice to feel positive and look forward to something not fertility related for once, maybe, finally, i am getting back to normal!!ย 

Before i go… when is your favourite time of year? And why?


8 thoughts on “Why I’m ready for Autumn!

  1. I am actually quite excited for autumn to be honest, and I didn’t think I would be! But I can’t wait to get out my snuggley jumpers and sit in front of an open fire with a hot chocolate :). My favourite time of year is a weird one, I think I love spring the most, as it’s warm, but there’s a nice breeze in the air, although I do love all the seasons really xx


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