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Challenging myself.

Hey guys,

I am wondering, when was the last time you really stepped out of your comfort zone and challenged yourself?

Me – I am a bit of a wimp and so do not do this very often at all!! 

I like to stay in my comfort zone with the people I know are my constants.. I talked a bit about this in my post a couple of weeks ago…read that post here.
But the great thing about writing this blog is that it has opened up doors, ones I didn’t know were there to be opened and ones I never thought I would be able to open, not in a million years.

I am finding out so much about what i am capable of! 

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A couple of weeks ago I spoke to an inspirational lady named Natalie who has had fertility issues, she went on to have her son and now hosts a fertility podcast to raise awareness of fertility and hopefully support others who are in the same place.
She asked me to do a podcast episode and i tentatively jumped at the chance, I was so nervous though, what if she doesn’t think my story is worth talking about? Or what if I just sound stupid, or what if I miss bits out of my story because i’m nervous!?
It didn’t help that for some reason the connection was really bad to begin with and we had to try over a couple of times, my anxious mind kept saying it’s a sign to just back out of it, over and over again, but i refused to listen!
Natalie was a true professional, she got it sorted and she was set on making sure we could get it done!
Eventually we managed to work it out and we were chatting just like having a phone call with a friend and I am so glad I did it – it was pretty cool telling Hubby i was on a podcast too!
It made me do something different. Meet someone new and maybe opens up a couple of doors for the future, it most certainly gave me the confidence that i can do things like this, and that i am a strong, independent woman, and i couldn’t be prouder of myself!

So go out there today and do something that challenges you, you never know where it may lead!!

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If you are interested, here is the link to the podcast… Listen here, let me know what you think!


16 thoughts on “Challenging myself.

  1. What a wonderful post!!!! I am a huge believer in pushing personal boundaries to grow. I continue to do this at work and in my personal life and see a dramatic difference in my confidence and perspective. Keep kicking ass, girl! ❤

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  2. Fab post! I really think I need to start putting myself out there more and challenging myself more. I’m the same as you said you are, like to be in my comfort zone. And I don’t usually stray to far from it!! But maybe it’s time I should.

    Shona Marie xo

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  3. Congrats on being on the podcast! That’s amazing that you were able to do it and I can’t wait to hear it x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  4. I think I’m lucky because my job almost always forces me out of my comfort zone. If it didn’t, I’m not so sure Id always be so willing to that myself. But it truly is a great thing. You push yourself to limits that you didn’t know you could surpass and become more confident in the process. Great post!

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