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What would I change about the way I under went IVF?

Hey guys,

Recently i was asked by one of my blog readers what she should do this cycle to give herself a better chance, specifically, she was thinking which foods to cut out her diet, some of the things she had read put her off pretty much everything that formed part of her current diet, and my advice was this,

Yes, caffeine and alcohol are better off being limited, but, honestly, in my opinion your body isn’t going to thank you for changing everything that it is used to and i think that could do more harm than good in itself

I am aware there are so many different views on this, but she approached me, and i gave my honest opinion.

But it got me thinking, is there anything i would have changed about the way we did things?

Now it’s been a while, and I’m able to look back more clearly at the cycles I had in the last couple of years, but there are still questions around the way things worked out..
Why didn’t it work?
What did we do wrong?
Now I am under no delusion that it’s just me who thinks this. I’m sure it’s a pretty common thing to think after IVF fails.
But when I really think through everything that I have done, and the amount of control I tried to have over it.. what would I have changed? Or if we did it again, what would I have done different?

The answer my friends. Is nothing. Zip. Nada!
Because no, we haven’t got a child, and obviously that would have been best case scenario, but in reality it was unlikely and sometimes things don’t work out, just because.. there’s no rhyme or reason, and it certainly wasn’t because me or my partner did anything wrong!
We loved those embryos from the second they fertilised. Probably before if truth be told, and like any parent we did everything we could for them, but in our case, it didn’t work out.

I can be hard on myself, i try to control things as much as i can, but this is why, because at least i can look back and say i did what i can, i gave it my all and it just wasn’t meant to be!

Image result for no regrets

Is there anything you would change about any of your cycles? Really interested in hearing what you guys feel about the subject!!

Until next time..

bye bye


6 thoughts on “What would I change about the way I under went IVF?

  1. I would have done it so much later. Early 20’s was too young to deal with it, and because I didn’t know “myself” I pushed myself into too many rounds to quick and completely dismissed the idea of a donor egg. Had I started my IVF journey at 30 it would have been very different.

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  2. I always thought that if I replicated exactly what I did during cycle four (the one where we got pregnant and miscarried) that I would finally be successful… And that’s just not how things work. Having gone through six cycles of donor egg IVF (along with the ERA test), which was supposed to have an 80% success rate, I tried every type of protocol and supplements and acupuncture and fertility massage and the like. So now in hindsight when I see other bloggers talking about changing their diet to “improve their odds” it breaks my heart because I really believe it’s all just bunk. It either works or it doesn’t, and paying hundreds if not thousands on supplements and other supposedly things to help implantation and the like? I just think it’s a scam at this point in time. People forget that infertility treatment is a business, an industry designed to make money, and that doctors will never tell you it’s time to stop, and will always have something up their sleeve to suggest even if your uterus has made it clear that it’s not about to grow and give birth to a human being. What would I change? I suppose in hindsight I would have transferred two embryos each time from the beginning, so I wouldn’t have had to have gone through so many failed cycles, and if I had known about PGD/PGS testing (my fertility doctor doesn’t do it so never bothered to tell me it existed) I would have sent all thirteen of our embryos in for testing which I’m guessing would have saved us a whole lot of time and heartache. Who knows maybe we would have been spared all that pain and would have decided to go onto another donor, but again we can’t change the past and I can’t get that money back for all those failures , all I can do is move on.

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    1. Absolutely, I always felt the same way, thinking about it, i probably should have changed clinics to try there ways out, but whats done is done.
      My clinic never told me about all the testing that can be done either, because they were the same and didn’t do it. It was very much like a conveyor belt, they just went through the motions with every person.


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