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Weekly Update-Where ideas are born!

Hi guys,

Just a weekly update for you all..

If there is anything that has come from planning these weekly goals its been thinking about what i am capable of and it has given me the chance to think of ways in which i can make a difference.

This past two weeks i have been off work, i have sunk my teeth into writing and i have enjoyed every moment of it!

I knew when i started this blog that i would love it or i would hate it, and it hasn’t taken me long to realise which!

But i am trying to still fathom which way this blog is directed, and i have been worrying myself thinking about it, but what i think i need to do is stop feeling anxious about these little decisions, and let it take its course, there is nothing wrong with that and i am gradually accepting it, after all writing is creating, so i am working on the basis that i need to let the creative juices flow!

So if there is anything that i can say for setting goals, it is to give it a try, it is worth it in so many ways!


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And due to this i think i will say, i will set myself one more weekly goal, they have done what i needed them to do, and i have other directions my blog is going in now, and feel unable to keep up with them as well as all the other exiting post ideas flying around my brain, i may do monthly ones or quarterly ones, but i don’t feel like i need to limit myself and tie myself to them, and so i am letting go.

It feels exiting to let myself try new things, but i am a creature of habit and it is strangely difficult for me to say i am breaking away for this routine i have built for myself, but it is exiting, and i can’t wait to see which direction my blog takes me in next!

Whats next??

My thoughts are that once a week i could do an ‘interview’ with other fertility bloggers, or even bloggers interested in their own fertility, to find out about what their experiences have been and how it is effecting them, that way hopefully it will get people thinking, at best get people talking about hormones, fertility and IVF.

If anyone would be interested in doing the first guest interview post with me, please let me know! I am exited to get to know you better!!!

Much love,


bye bye


11 thoughts on “Weekly Update-Where ideas are born!

      1. Yes, we went to the Peak District overnight. Only booked it Friday night. It was so nice just to clear off for a couple of days and do some walking πŸ‘ Hope the ‘back to work’ isn’t too painful!


  1. Sounds like a very nice staycation you had. I admire your focus and your positivity. I’d also like to chime in that I think interviews are a great idea. Sign me up for one. I’m not one to seek out the limelight; however, i think my story and experiences will help others. Thinking of you as you transition back to work after two weeks off.


    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting! Yes. It has been lovely!! I keep forcing myself not to think about work tomorrow!!!
      Ah that would be fantastic! I am going to work on it tomorrow night so I will keep you updated! It’s great that people are coming forward offering to do them! I’m so glad we can talk about this and try and not make it such a taboo subject anymore!!

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