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When setting goals holds you back.

Hi guys,

Image result for dark and rainy sunday

What is with all the rain up in the North at the moment, it’s not doing much for my going back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off blues! 

Anyway, it is a great excuse to start typing up some stuff before normal life resumes,

Like i said in my previous post, i have decided to set a goal for this week and then i am going to give them a rest, they have been so useful since starting my blog but now i have more of an idea of where i am headed i am going to limit myself less, i have felt they have been holding me back the last couple of weeks from posting what i really want to and they have served their purpose.

So, for my last week, i am going to give you an insight into my current ‘Post IVF world’ and do a week in pictures.

Image result for my week in pictures


We have a lot going on this week, with the delivery of a horse box and the possibility of adopting a little dog to join our family.. but that is not a definite so we will how it goes.. but our Post IVF world is pretty full, busy and happy, and i hope it encourages some of you that aren’t quite there yet that it is possible to lead a normal, happy life!

Before i sign off, i wondered have you read my infertility diaries? I guess if you are reading this, you might have an interest in fertility, or possibility, you are in a similar situation, well, i have been writing down my experiences from start to finish, i thought it would be great for me as a form of therapy and might be good for others to read too… so feel free to take a look..

Infertility Diaries Part 1

Infertility Diaries Part 2

Infertility Diaries Part 3

For now, have a great Sunday Evening……

bye bye


2 thoughts on “When setting goals holds you back.

  1. A puppy!? ☺️
    Oh yes. How adorable.
    This sounds ridiculous, but once I introduced 2 felines into Rhett and my life – home finally felt like ‘home’. If that makes any sense.. haha.

    And I couldn’t agree more re: goals. They are great. But so is a degree of flexibility. Got to just do you. ☺️☺️ And also do a wedding series. Hint. Hint. 😉😜


    1. Yes totally makes sense I’m hoping that’s the same for us!!
      Yeah I feel some relief that I’m not putting pressure on myself to do them ahhwr this week!
      Also leaves time for a wedding series ha! Or more likely now… a getting a new dog series! 😂

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