So I’m officially on twitter as ‘postivf’ come on over and say hi! I’d really appreciate it!

I’m hoping that my plan for more people to hear, understand and talk about premature menopause can be realised, especially through twitter, hopefully the more followers I get, the more read the blog, and the more they understand about how it feels and how it is, in reality to be Infertile. Especially from such a young age! The more it’s talked about the more ladies like me can be helped and ultimately that’s the goal, I’m also hoping it will encourage more woman to come forward and talk about there own experiences!

I’ve been talking to a lady recently who has just been diagnosed and it’s heart breaking for her. It brings back all those feelings I had almost 10 years ago now!

I’m hoping she takes the plunge and goes to see if a counsellor can be any help! I’ve always wished I had gone to see a counsellor, I appreciate it doesn’t help everyone but I think it’s worth a try when your feeling so low, I was never offered it but I’ve heard they do offer it on the NHS. It’s great getting to know other people who are in a similar boat and I love connecting you together!!


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