So it’s been a busy weekend for me! I had friends and family over from different parts of the world all at the same time and it was fabulous! Being surrounded by the people you love the most in the world truly is the best medicine, wouldn’t you agree?? 

We drank wine, we ate good food, we danced, we laughed, we smiled, we hugged, we talked, we cried, and we told eachother how much we love one another! 

I shared with them how I’ve been trying to support people through the menopause and ivf and they were so supportive and it really made me feel like this is the right path for me! 

I also told them a little story I thought I’d share with you.. as you may have seen, I’ve been linking up my blog with twitter, it’s been great to connect with other like minded people and really positive to see how many people are campaigning to get early menopause more widely talked about to help offer more support and a faster diagnosis for you ladies out there! 

However… I am still learning when it comes to all this, and when your learning you make mistakes… I think I got a bit too hashtag happy, and possibly a bit too confident a bit too soon…. when I was diagnosed it wasn’t called POI (premature ovarian insufficiency) but POF (premature ovarian failure) yes! FAILURE… great term huh? Thanks docs! 😫

Anyway… back to the point… so I’m still used to calling it POF. And one of my first posts was basically talking about how hard things can get with #POF and looking to support people who are in a similar position!! 

Ok.. just give it a minute… POF, not the diagnosis that your never going to have children! NO. 

Plenty of fish

Dating website renowned for crazy catfish like people creeping around looking for there next victim! It took me a while to figure it out and I had some very ‘nice’ people private messaging me about how they would like to help with my POF woes by taking me out etc etc! WOW!!! 

Just for the record I’m happily engaged and it was not some sort of Freudian slip! Anyway! Everyone has twitter fails I’m sure, but it gave me a giggle and everyone I told after  my 3rd giant glass of vino!! 

So now I’m trying to be a bit more careful about my twitter(ing)?? 

Go over and follow me I’m @postivf , let’s get menopause talked about! I’d love to have a menopausehour where we get it talked about one night every week! We can share stories.. good, bad, funny, sad! We all understand so like get chatting!!! 

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