Thinking about who needs support..


I’ve been working with the daisy network who I’ve spoken about before. The specialise in supporting and giving information to women who go through the menopause early just like myself.

The info they provide is superb and it’s a great forum there for anyone who feels like they need it. Although I don’t think people are taking full advantage of the resources there which is a shame! I’m going to try and work with them to get more people using the forum more frequently!

Anyway. I’ve been speak to ladies who are newly diagnosed and sharing my experiences and just talking them through things.  I’m hoping they are getting something from talking to others who are going or have gone through a similar thing. But it got me thinking, who else suffers from and early menopause diagnosis. When I was diagnosed I was only a kid really. I was roughly 16 and it was my mum that took the brunt of how I was feeling. But I don’t think I ever appreciated what she might be going though. We talk about it now and she always blamed herself. She made me so surely it was her fault. Something she had done. Of course there’s nothing to prove that and also I would never blame her but it must have been so isolating for her. She didn’t tell many of her friends because of her fears that it was her fault and what they might think of her. She had my dad but menopause is a difficult subject at the best of times so I’m sure that was hard.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is a parent of someone going through POF especially at a young age. Maybe I could help connect multiple parents who are on the same boat and you guys could support each other? Equally as someone who went through it super young maybe you are a parent looking at how you can support your daughter! I’d love to help support you through that! Your not alone! We just need to dig others out of the internet woodwork that’s all! If we can come together it might just help this time for you all!!!

Hope to speak to you guys soon!


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