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Good Morning! The Monday blues have well and truly hit.  It's lovely to be back writing, and today i feel like i really need this therapy to get some emotions out of my system. Its only recently i have realised how important it is for me to be busy and being proactive as much as… Continue reading

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Going it alone… for the weekend!

  I lack confidence, i am well aware of this! And this quote gives me another kick in the right direction!!  During IVF my relationship with hubby changed a lot, i lost confidence in myself but gained confidence in us as a couple! Partly we grew SO much closer! Which obviously is something very positive… Continue reading Going it alone… for the weekend!

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What would I change about the way I under went IVF?

Hey guys, Recently i was asked by one of my blog readers what she should do this cycle to give herself a better chance, specifically, she was thinking which foods to cut out her diet, some of the things she had read put her off pretty much everything that formed part of her current diet,… Continue reading What would I change about the way I under went IVF?