Is recovery possible?

Hey guys!!! Today I’m talking about recovery. Mostly in an emotional sense! This picture is pretty much bang on when it comes to how I’m feeling on the topic! Can you ever actually ‘recover’ from infertility or pregnancy loss? By this I mean recover from the effects. I don’t mean physically. This is a question… Continue reading Is recovery possible?

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Something a little different from me.

When researching for this post, i Googled 'admiration' because i have so much of the stuff for the subject of this post. There were a TON of quotes and definitions, but this one is simple, to the point, and couldn't be truer in my mind! The confidence doesn't have to be in ones appearance or in… Continue reading Something a little different from me.

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What people think when you say you have anxiety.

What is anxiety? The problem with telling people you have anxiety is that not a lot of people understand, to most, anxious is the feeling you get when you might miss the bus, or before an interview and to me it is so much more!  And yes, of course these feelings are totally rational and… Continue reading What people think when you say you have anxiety.