Merry Christmas to my wonderful readers!

Ho Ho Ho!! Hi guys! I hope this post finds you all well, i have been a little detached from my blog lately, and i have been quite vocal about my internal struggles i am having between the blog and my 'real life' on here and social media! SO i wanted to update you guys… Continue reading Merry Christmas to my wonderful readers!

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Working on my anxiety techniques.

  Hi guys! Its Friday finally, and right now, for me that means i am going to be ...   So last week i wrote a post about trying out something that had been suggested to me to help combat my anxiety. In last weeks post i talked about how the week had been pretty… Continue reading Working on my anxiety techniques.

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When life just passes you by..

Good afternoon everyone! I want to share something with you, 'There are times in life where you think.. this is good.. this is what makes me happy! It could be anything.. a butterfly, the sound of water from a stream, a family members hug, even a good plate of food! Today I had all of… Continue reading When life just passes you by..