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Working on my anxiety techniques.

  Hi guys! Its Friday finally, and right now, for me that means i am going to be ...   So last week i wrote a post about trying out something that had been suggested to me to help combat my anxiety. In last weeks post i talked about how the week had been pretty… Continue reading Working on my anxiety techniques.

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Moving on from pregnancy loss..

Sometimes this blog isn't about informing/ supporting others, it is about me, my thoughts, my diary almost..and today is one of those days! **Trying to avoid triggers here as much as possible.. If you have lost a child during pregnancy you don't need me to babble on about how gut wrenchingly painful, physically, emotionally &… Continue reading Moving on from pregnancy loss..

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Relationship with food – Small steps forward!

Hey! As some of you who have kept a close eye on my 'Post ivf' journey so far, one of my major issues, that has come from my infertility is control! I have an innate need to control everything around me, and when i feel like i am loosing this control, that is mostly when… Continue reading Relationship with food – Small steps forward!

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When life just passes you by..

Good afternoon everyone! I want to share something with you, 'There are times in life where you think.. this is good.. this is what makes me happy! It could be anything.. a butterfly, the sound of water from a stream, a family members hug, even a good plate of food! Today I had all of… Continue reading When life just passes you by..

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What people think when you say you have anxiety.

What is anxiety? The problem with telling people you have anxiety is that not a lot of people understand, to most, anxious is the feeling you get when you might miss the bus, or before an interview and to me it is so much more!  And yes, of course these feelings are totally rational and… Continue reading What people think when you say you have anxiety.

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What they don’t tell you about fertility issues…

Hi Guys, I want to talk about the less well-known side effects that can come from infertility... what they don't tell you about fertility issues..   FACT; When you get diagnosed with any sort of fertility issue, it's not going to be easy. Usually the first thing you consider is the immediate effect, on your… Continue reading What they don’t tell you about fertility issues…