Revealing the next chapter to others!

Hi guys.
I hope you are all doing ok this week! And that whatever you may be battling you are able to fight back a little!

Some of you might not know but I work with children. It sounds mad I am sure! Who in their right mind has lost multiple babies and went through so much trauma in the hope to finally have a child of her own would actively seek out a job where you are surrounded by children all day every day!!? I’ve asked myself this SO many times!
Originally it was a coping mechanism. Back before IVF and all I had was the knowledge of my infertility. I felt like it was what I was good at. Which I am. And it made sense. Maybe a subconscious way of me testing to see how strong I am. Or if I am even able to look after a child at all!
Anyway. Lately it hasn’t been working out for me. I love the kids I look after. It’s amazing to see them grow into wonderful young people and I by no means begrudge the time I have spent with any of them. But it’s time to move on.
This week I was accepted into a college course for counselling due to begin in September. I am so exited by this new challenge. I have told the parents of the kids I look after. And whilst I may be working for them for a while yet. They know it’s not far off that I won’t have the kids anymore.
It’s a funny thing, a relationship with these parents. They put all their trust in me to look after their children. The things they love the most in the world. And naturally this leads to a close relationship, which can be tricky sometimes but mostly can be very rewarding!
Some of which were a source of comfort when times were hard and I could never express how thankful I am to them for that! At times their kids were what got me through. And made me push on to show up to work day after day!
This new chapter in my life won’t start for a little while. But I am hoping to throw myself into it as much as possible.
It’s a strange thing isn’t it. When you can just feel the time is right for something new. When it doesn’t feel too scary. And just feels like a natural step.

Do any of you guys work with kids too? Has it impacted on your feelings towards your own fertility issues in a positive or negative way?

4 thoughts on “Revealing the next chapter to others!

  1. I have worked with kids in the past and while it helped to start off with with dealing with my fertility problems I soon found it got harder and harder so I took a career change too and that led me to my career into helping people with learning disabilities. Great post as usual 😊

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