Mothers day.

So yesterday was Mothers day. This day can be hard when you are infertile, tried to have children and failed, and/or lost babies in pregnancy.. 


(I am sure for many other reasons mothers day can be difficult as well!)

As someone who has experience of all three of these things, Mothers day has the potential to be difficult! For me this year was interesting, after a tiring day travelling down the country and getting back much later than expected on Saturday i was still knackered on Sunday morning. I was up by 7 with the dog and once i am up i can’t help getting stuff around the house done! I wish i was able to just sit on the sofa and chill for an hour but i have this intense need to be productive and use my weekend to the fullest! ( this can be a blessing but also a curse!)

Anyway, for me there was a bit of anxiety in the run up to Mothers day. I was aware it could be triggering for me, but i think i made it worse by thinking about it in the days running up to it! I vowed to stay off social media as much a possible and i managed it, apart the only time i actually went on i saw a post about ‘sending love to all the mothers who’s children didn’t survive’ ah man! Why did i have to go on and have a look!?!? At EXACTLY that time! That didn’t help things!

In the morning, we spent time with the MIL and other family members who have had children and they are still young. It was okay and i tried to just enjoy myself with them, we took the pup along too so that helped a lot, had fish and chips, ice cream, played on the beach etc, and i was okay!

If i am honest though, the whole time i just wanted to go and see my own mum, and spend time with her. But duty calls eh!? It was a busy day, with literally a 10 minute turn around from one thing to the next which at least gave me no time to sit and dwell on things! Once we were with my side of the family, i relaxed.  I really enjoyed treating mum to some pressies and having quality family time. We were back home by 7.30ish too so had a chill night watching TV and just veging!

All in all, i don’t think i did badly. I thought of the children i lost, and of how different mothers day could have been for me. But i didn’t cry, i didn’t moan, and i didn’t let it spoil my day!

How did you guys do on mothers day!? Did you manage to distract yourselves as much as possible!?

And for those who have become parents!


I am sure some of you never thought you would see the day when you would get to celebrate!


4 thoughts on “Mothers day.

  1. Mother’s Day is such a triggering day & you should be proud of yourself for how you handled it. I remember feeling the heartache last year and my hubby bought me a mother’s day gift from our puppy. He’s started a bad habit there ha.

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