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Mental health – Support resources.


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I know which one i want to do! 

As many of you guys will know, one of the things that has troubled my ‘post IVF world’ is the way in which my mental health has suffered as a direct result of my fertility issues!

When i was first diagnosed with Early menopause (premature ovarian failure) there was little to no help offered to me at all! I was young and wasn’t wise enough to think about finding my own support and left it to the professionals. I think my thoughts were, they will offer me counselling or support in that field if and when they think i need it! When they didn’t offer, i concluded i didn’t need the help! If i had back then, i think i would be a much more capable person when it comes to organising and keeping control of my thoughts and feelings. I wish it had been socially acceptable to ask for help from a counsellor back then, i remember telling my Mother that i thought i would benefit from some counselling and she just couldn’t understand why i thought this! It was and still can be seen to be only for people who are ‘crazy’. This stigma is down to lack of education for sure, and it needs to change!

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It has only been since i have started my blog that i have seen how support can be so readily available, you don’t have to go and see a counsellor to get support, if you aren’t ready for that step, there are other options available to you! Honestly, i really do feel like i am getting better, my anxiety hits me less often and i feel more on control of myself!



Below is a list of resources i have found helpful! (But there are SO SO many more out there!) 

@worthlivingKA  – On twitter, they are a mental health awareness firm, i have written articles for them in the past and they are great at offering support!

@posimh – twitter chat run my @megrrees at 8 pm on a Sunday. They always start the chat by asking how people have felt that week and its a great way to get your feelings out in the open!

Fertility Network UK – Obviously only fertility related but they offer contact with people like myself in your area to help support and guide on to the next step!

Mind – Charity supporting people with mental health issues.

Mental Movement – A magazine with some fab articles to help reassure and understand thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety UK: 0844 477 5774

Like i say, i would only suggest people or companies i have used, otherwise what would be the point? But Something i have found very helpful is going on to twitter and finding chats that are targeted towards others in the same boat!

@childlesshour Tuesdays at 8 pm (moving to sundays soon) has been great support for me, it is close to my heart and i have found a fab community of like minded people there! I would say anyone struggling with a certain issue to do the same!


World Childless week – Although this week has finished now it is a great all year round resource for support and advice!


Last but not least, the ‘friends’ you can make through blogging really can be amazing! I love my blogging friends and they are all so supportive!

If anyone reading this, if we have spoken many times or never before, feel free to DM me on twitter or use my blogs Contact page to reach out! I would always do my best to support you!

Speak soon guys!

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