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Something a little different from me.

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When researching for this post, i Googled ‘admiration’ because i have so much of the stuff for the subject of this post. There were a TON of quotes and definitions, but this one is simple, to the point, and couldn’t be truer in my mind! The confidence doesn’t have to be in ones appearance or in ones intelligence. It can just be in the fact that one day things will work out okay! 


A very close friend of mine has had her own struggles, we have helped each other when we have had bad days and celebrated together during the good ones.

Ultimately she is pushing past her demons and I couldn’t be prouder!

She is now making a huge step towards helping others in such a fantastic way! Not only that but she is taking back control of her life, grabbing it, and making something amazing of it – you see.. ADMIRATION!
She is one of many people who are backing a new campaign called ‘cycling without age‘. A charity who help the elderly get out and about in a Trishaw. They get to experience the wind in their hair and to see parts of the area they live in that otherwise may not be accessible to them!
This initiative is popping up all over the U.K. To achieve this fundraisers are raising money to buy the Trishaw, to advertise and get the word out there with the ultimate goal of this being available to elderly residence everywhere!

My friend is working on this in the North East but it is becoming more well known across the country and something I truly believe is worth its weight in gold (or whatever the Trishaw is actually made of) for the people who will be accessing it!

And here it is in all its glory.. featuring Skye the Westie!

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 For me, having a friend so inspiring, someone in my life who is able to (and willing to) help others in such a fantastic way fills me with pride. I would love you guys to take a look and maybe see if you fancy donating just a little to the cause!

If you are interested in checking it out here are some links you might need…

Facebook link

Crowdfunding/info link

@cwa_newcastle (twitter)


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