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Dear diary – i would like to share some positive thoughts please.

Hi guys.

I hope you are all finding this week full of positivity and making steps towards your goals, thankfully i actually feel like mine is going this way… so far!

For me, today is feeling good, and this quote is something that really resonates with me today!Β 

Image result for there is good in the bad

Outside it is sunny, i have some music on, the puppy is sleeping, Hubby is in the garage tidying and i am at the table writing.

All sounds pretty grown up actually and i am feeling content (trying to ignore that i have to go to work in an hour or so)

Hubby even surprised me with a little gift. These handmade polished concrete gems for the house! How pretty are they??!?!!

Today my post IVF, childless world is good. I am coping, i am happy, and that is something that once upon a time, i never thought i could say! (and there is another positive)

Lately i have felt that all i do on my blog is moan about things, complaining about my anxiety and how i am a little lost. For anyone under going IVF or finding themselves childless not by choice it would be very unfair of me to only show you the negative sides of what life ‘on the other side’ can be like!

I promise you, it can be beautiful, calm, relaxing and dare i say… fulfilled.

That is all from me for now, i have been working on my next post along side this one, where i reveal some big plans i have, i am hoping they go down well with you guys! Your opinion really matters to me!

Until next time…

bye bye


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