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Physical health VS. Mental health

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As a result of the Early Menopause, i have a lack of hormones in my body. Now that IVF is off the cards, this has been at the forefront of my thoughts when it comes to my fertility.

I have written about this before and had a great reaction to one of my last posts of 2017, launched just before Christmas, (Bone scan worry!). I received so many helpful comments from you guys. I truly appreciate the advice i was given about what i should do when it comes to taking hormones the anxiety i was feeling about making a decision was helped by your comments.

I failed on going to the pharmacy to get my patches before Christmas started. In reality i had plenty of time. Truthfully, i was worried they would effect me badly and that i would be ill over the festive period. I couldn’t face the thought this especially while everyone else would have been enjoying themselves. The thought of missing these memorable experiences was enough for me to decide i didn’t want to take them… at least not yet.

Something else i considered when making this decision was that, for the first time in a very long time, 2017 was a hormone free year, the number of migraines i was having was much less and after the trauma of the couple of years previous, i felt like that was a step in my healing process – hormones remind me of IVF, which in turn reminds me of the children we lost and the pain we endured. It feels good to say that for a whole year i was free of the reminders in that way, and i was able to concentrate on myself, and recover at my own pace, this was worth its weight in gold to me!

For those who are reading this and concerned that taking hormones is the best route for someone in my position. I have decided that i will take them, in VERY small doses to begin with to see how it goes, i feel apprehensive towards taking them but am going to give it a try and what better time than the beginning of a new year, i am just hoping that i can keep my mental health under control once the hormones kick in and that i don’t take a step backwards in the healing process.

So wish me luck!! 


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