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Happy New Year!


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It feels like an age since i last visited my blog, i never even looked at my stats once!

I took a break over Christmas and while i missed speaking to all you lovely people, i really am glad i decided to allow myself a ‘blogging holiday’, and i am feeling refreshed and ready to make 2018 an awesome year for ME!

Mental health wise, Christmas hasn’t been too bad for me, i was in a bubble of friends and family for the most part, but a couple of people who know about my blogging in the ‘real world’ asked me why i wasn’t posting over the break, it made me feel guilty, especially when they made the point that surely a lot of people would be reading through blogs over Christmas and that i might be missing out on readers, it didn’t help my anxiety but i realised that i don’t do this for the ‘readership’ or for likes, i do this because i enjoy it, it helps me and i connect with people who are like minded which is something i need right now, so i felt like i successfully dealt with any anxious thoughts i was having and that was a result in my eyes!

In reality, the break really gave me time to focus on the festive celebrations, the people that matter to me and my own well- being too! 

I also spent time thinking about my blog, how far it has come and where i want it to go this year, i have a lot of plans, some are little changes and some big decisions, i am sure i will be asking for advice about those ( i hope you don’t mind!)

Fertility wise, Christmas can be hard, we tend to cheers to ‘those who aren’t with us anymore’ over Christmas in my family, and during this time i think of the babies i lost, and those that could have been, i often wonder if any of my family do the same, or even if hubby does for that matter, i know most don’t see them as ‘people’ to be lost in the first place, i don’t blame them for that. I think of the faces i could have seen light up on Christmas morning, and the family who would have doted on them over this special time, but equally, i couldn’t imagine them being there, i couldn’t imagine me being the mother, as myself and my sister are the youngest and still get presents and ‘mothered’ by our own Mum. ( i can’t say i hate it) and i tend to embrace it as a way of dealing with my own issues!

Anyway, i can’t wait to see what this year brings, for me, ideally i will be getting paid to write for a fertility or mental health website/magazine! (I can dream can’t i?)

I would love to know how you all celebrated Christmas.. i can’t wait to hear from you guys again!

Much love!

bye bye


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Sounds like you have lots of great plans for the blog! I spent Christmas here in Germany with my husband’s family. They celebrate it on the 24th here! We ate fish that day and then roasted duck on the 25th. Instead of Santa, the Kris Kind delivers presents on the 24th in the evening.


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