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Most recent guest post!


This post is all about Bookish Owlette, a fab blogger who writes reviews on a great mix of books, she invited me to take part in a series recently that was prompted by her birthday!

So…Firsts things first…


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I have been doing some wonderfully diverse guest posts lately, i really enjoy them and love getting to know new people through other fab bloggers! (that doesn’t mean i think i am a ‘fab blogger’ BTW)

Last week i did one for ‘Bookish Owlette who is doing a Birthday ‘featurama’ series featuring bloggers who write about all manners of things.

The post i submitted is something i was thinking of writing on my own blog anyway. A guide on how i deal with Christmas with anxiety! ( i will be doing one about getting through Christmas with infertility/childlessness) but that will come later on this week! I am sure that many of you who have mental health issues will be dealing with some form of anxiety sparked by the festive period this year, and i hope my post goes some way to help deal with those concerns!

But for now, here is my guest post for Bookish Owlette – Christmas Anxiety. 


Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Most recent guest post!

  1. I read your guest post and some of it I can certainly relate to. Having generalised anxiety disorder all year round, Christmas is no exception for me. I also have other triggers like being too hot or being somewhere too crowded which is inside and getting no air. So going out to the shops this time of year is an absolute no go for me! All my shopping gets done online. I certainly get a bit more anxy than usual this time of year though because of the pressure of everything but then it usually dies down for me because I’m focusing on the year to come. Hope you manage okay this year and have a lovely Christmas! xxx


    1. Glad you have found a way to steer away from those things that trigger your anxiety! I’m doing ok so far although a lot of mine is social and that hasn’t really got in to full force yet! I hope you have a wonderful festive time!

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