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Bone scan worry!

Hi guys!

As I spoke about in a recent post, I had a bone scan not so long ago which revealed I have now got Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis literally translated means ‘porous bone’. Here is an example of what normal bone density looks like in comparison to someone with osteoporosis.

Image result for osteoporosis definition
Having Osteoporosis is something I did expect, it has always been something we have been waiting for and something i could do little about in reality. Saying that, it isn’t easy for me to accept now the time has come, especially when you google images like the one above and actually see what it means for your body! (BLUURGGHHHHHHH)

Anyway.. (Shaking off negative feelings)
At the appointment with the bone specialist i was referred to a hormone expert (turns out one who is top of her game in my area, and who i have been trying to get an appointment with for years) she told me I had to be taking HRT, no discussion, no other option. GREAT..NOT!

In fairness this is something i was expecting to hear, all be it with a little more empathy and glimmer of hope for other options. I won’t bore you with my thoughts on HRT now but i have mixed feelings about taking them, I have spoken about this in a separate post.

And on to my current conundrum! 

Now, time has totally run away with me, I haven’t picked up the HRT prescription i was given. Mostly because I don’t want to.. and partially because I haven’t had much time! (I could easily have found time if I wanted to though) in reality i have been putting it off.. it is almost like i have been waiting for a magical fairy to bring the hormones to me, and then i would take them, in the event that said magical fairy doesn’t deliver, then i won’t!

Image result for fairy GIF

Current situation then is that,

A – Magical fairy has not given me any hormones

B – I have no motivation to go and get them just before Christmas, where upon taking them, i could turn into a (more) crazy/anxious/stress head in time for the festivities.

C – Bone Scan appointment next week…
I think they want to see how fast my bones are declining and I guess I should have been taking HRT by now for them to do that, but maybe it would be good to see how fast they are declining anyway and that might sway my decision!
I am in two minds weather I should cancel the appointment, maybe I should, but then again, am I just avoiding my problems?

I am so sorry for the ranty/ moany post today! I hope it hasn’t put you guys off reading my blog too much, but i think it is important to show this side of Menopause and infertility as it can often be forgotten as something that in reality is a serious side effect.

Anyway… thank you for listening, this blog is my outlet, my solace and my safe space, without it, my anxiety would be so much worse than it is!

bye bye


17 thoughts on “Bone scan worry!

  1. Sounds like a tough call, I’m sorry you’re in this position. Maybe go to the scan anyway and see what it says? Can’t do any harm. It might help push you towards the drugs a bit more, or give you leverage to push against them?! I think you do fantastic to cope with this, and I understand your reluctance’s, it’s such a personal decision. I wish you strength and peace 💜💜

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      1. I can understand that, especially with the new pup. It must feel like a little bit of a fresh start and to go back into the HRT would then feel like a backwards step for you. I hope your path becomes visible for you 💕


  2. I would love to read a post on your experience on HRT! Or maybe a post on the pros and cons to help you come to a decision. If you are that concerned then you should probably go back to the specialist and express your concerns as they may be able to discuss it with you to help you come to a more informed decision. Whatever your decision, best of luck

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    1. I will write one for sure.. I may have already actually if I sift back through old posts! Unfortunately the specialist was having non of it! Her area is hormones and the Benifits they have on us so as expected she wanted me to take them. I get why but they don’t seem to take the side effects I get very seriously

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  3. Personally I always think it’s better to know and tests give you truth about your body. Hormones or not I would be going; but everyone is different. I actually can’t wait to start HRT because they will stop my hot flashes which are so incredibly irritating. I have also heard good things from others who have taken them They say it gives them ‘peppiness’. Is there a way to take a smaller dose to start out and see how that goes? I know you really have your heart set on not taking them but It’s worrisome to think what will be left of your bones when you are fifty; and I imagine that’s why your doctors are so gung-ho on you taking the hormones. I’m sorry it’s so difficult for you. Ultimately it’s your body and you decide what goes into it. No doctor can force you to take them. Lots of love.

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    1. I think HRT can be great for people suffering with symptoms, for me i just know how bad my quality of life is when on them, There are so many factors to think about especially for the future like you say!

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