Vitabiotics – Osteocare.


Today i am talking BONES, specifically mine, which are not doing too well at all!

I am 28, i have osteoporosis!

In short, this sucks!

This is a little talked about side effect of Menopause in general, never mind early menopause and is something that you should really be giving some thought about if you fall in to this category!

I do everything i can to help my bones, including not consuming fizzy drinks, having a lot of dairy, load baring exercise and generally living a health lifestyle.
(Another thing I should do is take HRT but that is a post for another day entirely!)

The last time i went to the hospital for a scan, my bones had got significantly worse, the doctor suggested i take vitamins to help but the infomation out there is just overwhelming!

When i saw Vitabiotics doing Osteocare supplements i thought these would be a well rounded way of getting what my bones need! ( I will be checking the doctor is happy with them too)


But for now they seem to have some great all round vitamins, along side helping me top up the ones i could be deficient in, the tablet itself is pretty big so i snap it in two! (i am a bit of a whimp though) i have another bone scan at christmas so it will interesting to see any changes that could have been due to these!


Thanks to Vitabiotics for sending me these!

You can also buy them on amazon!




I also had an appointment with my hormone specialist this week but instead of bombarding you, I will talk about that in my next post, so keen an

Until next time..

bye bye

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4 thoughts on “Vitabiotics – Osteocare.

  1. I’ve got a bone scan in a few days that was prompted by your last post about bone density which was super informative. As an aside, my doctor said that since my BMI is high that my fat cells produce exogenous estrogen which is a protectant for bone density – so yay to being fat!

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