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Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Happy Bonfire weekend everyone! 

How are you spending this weekend!? I would love to hear from you! 

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This week has been amazing, it has been filled with family, friends and bonfires, my favourite weekend of the year by far!

My heart has been full of love and happiness this weekend and as it is Sunday night, and i am chilling at home with puppy i am feeling reflective.. about what i am grateful for, and what is becoming of my ‘Post IVF world’.

I see the people who read my blog and those i speak to on my social media accounts as friends, truly and honestly.

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When I first began blogging.. I was so overwhelmed!
My expectations were low when it came to blog views, and originally I wanted to blog for myself, to put down my thoughts and feelings somewhere physical as a therapy and as a way to look back on them in the future.

I was convinced that I wouldn’t fit in with the blogging community.

Mostly because I have felt so different for so long!
It turns out that I was so wrong! The people I have met through this venture are amazing! 70% are also writing about fertility, and it’s lovely to share stories without judgement!
But the other 30% are non fertility bloggers, and these are the ones I never expected to be involved with, the beauty bloggers that fill their timelines with amazing pictures, the ones that have so much knowledge on make up, way more than I could ever wish to have, the people who share their amazing shopping hauls or nail techniques and put so much time and effort in to posts !

But it’s amazing getting to know you all!

This week I have had multiple emails from other bloggers just checking in, seeing how I am and what I’ve been up to in my corner of the tinterweb!
How awesome is that!


This week i reached 200 likes on my blog, i am hoping that out of that 200 i have some regular readers who enjoy my story, who are helped through their own journey by my experiences!


You guys inspire me every day! You push me to keep going and you show me how to be a better blogger!
And I want to thank you all for that!

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