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Dear you.. Tessa Broad- A book review.

Hi guys!

Firstly, I want to say thank you to RedDoor Publishing and to Tessa Broad for sending me a copy of this book and allowing me to review.

When I was first asked to write a book review, I was immediately transported back in time, to what feels like a lifetime ago when i studied English Literature at Uni, and my ability to review books in part , determined if I was going to pass or fail!

Back in those days, doing this was a chore, the books weren’t always of interest to me, yet I had to force myself to read them, and subsequently write about them, usually under exam conditions!

So, when I was asked to review this book, I thought, absolutely, I CAN do that!

But what I realised, in just the first couple of pages of reading, is not that I CAN review this book, but that I WANT to! I want to read it, I want to find out how this person experienced infertility, and the subsequent life events that take place, I could relate to Tessa, almost immediately, and it was a very pleasant change from those days at uni and a huge testement to her skills as a writer!

Of course that alone is not a good enough review, nor enough to justify what this book deserves!

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Tessa Broad 

The Book itself is presented in the form of a letter, to the children that Tessa never had. On the face of it maybe it sounds odd, but as Tessa writes at the beginning of the book ‘Why write a letter you will never send? Why express your love for people who never existed? Why not?’

And I couldn’t agree more!

She addresses the fact that these children were never, I want to say ‘real’ but they are, they are real in her heart, when she thought of the future they were in it! Just like anyone wanting to be a parent, so just because her children were never born, why shouldn’t they be the recipient of such a heart felt letter!?

An overview

The opening of this book is heartfelt, an honest and simple letter to Tessa’s children, to let them know, what their life would have been like, what morals they would have been brought up to have and the reasons behind names they would have been given. Tessa shares the moments she would have treasured with them, and the parts that she would have tolerated in order to have them in her life (namely a messy house).

These first few pages, feel almost like I am being invited into the most private of thoughts, ones that are probably rarely shared or vocalised in every day life, and one that I am sure most people with fertility issues, have thought at one time or another.

This is something that she does throughout the book, it feels like a whole lifetime of experiences she would have had with her children, and the support and guidance that she would have given them if they had been born

This topic – fertility, can be a tough one to read, maybe harder for people who haven’t experienced it, and Tessa really does a great job of lightening the mood, without making light of the topics she is writing about at the time.

One I love is a joke she heard in the middle of her first cycle,

‘Q; what’s the difference between god and a gynaecologist?

A; god doesn’t think he’s a gynaecologist.

Hilarious, and so true, I must say I am ashamed to say I treated mine as a god, he was the decider of my future and I treated him as such!

As someone who has also suffered form infertility and many an IVF fail, I can totally relate to the need to acknowledge the children that never happened, you wouldn’t judge a fertile person for telling you what they will call their children when they are eventually born, so why judge someone for expressing what these children would have been called should they have become a reality?

In short, this book is a perfect balance of serious topics, relatable situations and heart felt memoirs..with humour and light heartedness in all the right places.

Whilst obviously directed at people who have shared similar experiences i think this book would be a great read for anyone who enjoys reading autobiographical books.

Look out for the other reviews that are being posted for National Fertility Awareness Week.. see information below!

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