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World mental health day.

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Today is ‘world mental health day’, its early evening as i write this and I have been amazed by all the positive tweets and blog posts I have seen throughout the day from my very small corner of the interweb, it really is great to see people working together to break the stigma, I am hoping that the wider community and the world take notice of all that has been said today!

So what does ‘world mental health day’ mean to me?

To me, it means being part of something, being able to fight for change!

It has been a while since i took a step back and looked at my mental heath and really understood that there were issues that need to be addressed, and the me even just a year a go, would have by passed today with an awkward, purposeful side step. But so far, today, i feel proud to be part of something, however small my part is by writing this post, but i feel proud of everyone who has put themselves out there today, who have made themselves potentially vulnerably, or who even just allowed them selves to read a post they wouldn’t usually.

To some, maybe even to many, ‘mental health’ still has a huge stigma attached.
The stigma I talk of here is unfortunately a negative one, but it really does make my blood boil! 

People would be able to get treatment (in whatever form) quicker if it was socially acceptable to allow themselves to.
You wouldn’t make fun of someone from having a physical illness, if you would, your most certainly not welcome here, reading my blog..
For those decent people left.. I’m not saying you make fun of people with mental health issues, but even if it makes you a little uncomfortable to think about, please try to take time today to understand;
Mental health doesn’t mean what people thought it used to. The word ‘mental’ in the past has been used to term people as crazy, a maniac, dangerous, in the (very) olden times people would just be locked up, out of the way for displaying anything that, in reality, just wasn’t understood by the wider population.
I wish the term ‘mental health’ didn’t carry this stigma, or they would change how it is categorised, but as it is, in my opinion education is the way forward.

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Today, please just stop, and listen to those talking about it. Read even a few posts on social media, just to help you understand better what is meant by the term mental health. Because it is a massively broad spectrum. One that has so many signs and symptoms, but most of all, one that is an illness, like any other, you just can’t see it!

Today i am taking the below in to consideration, much like many of you i am sure.

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5 thoughts on “World mental health day.

  1. Nicely written!
    It’s so sad that mental health has a negative stigma around it and that people try to brush it off like it’s no big deal. Spreading awareness is extremely important,I wish everyone would understand just how much of a strain can the ignorance put on a person with mental health issues, maybe they would act differently.

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    1. Thank you! I felt like i really needed to do a post for it! It is so important to back these kind of things and if i get even one more person to accept mental health issues as something that isn’t to be frowned upon i would be happy!


  2. First of all, thank you so much for writing this post. I just posted about my experience of OCD, around which the stigma is unreal. If it were in my power, I would not let anyone suffer in silence because they’re afraid of seeking help or have been made to feel less successful or some other bs, because they got ill.

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