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I have been reading two books for review.

Happy Monday!!

I have had a very productive weekend, seeing friends and family and also working on my latest project.

In a past life, long long ago, i was an English Lit student, so to me, reading books and reviewing them is second nature, some of the time at uni i wasn’t actually interested in the subject matter, but of course when it comes to fertility, it is exactly what i am interested in, so i jumped at the chance of reviewing books written by some fellow fertility warriors (can i call them that?) I think so!

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So to the books…

The first book i have been reading is ‘Dear you’ by Tessa Broad, i have really enjoyed reading it and would urge anyone who is interested in Fertility, IVF and childlessness to give it a read! Image result for dear you tessa broad

Essentially, it is a letter, written to the children she never had, but always dreamed of, and the journey she lead over time.

As yet i can’t show you my review until i have given it to the publisher, but i will for sure share the link when i am able to do so! I really have enjoyed reviewing it!



I am also half way through reading ‘Little something’ by Elizabeth Lockwood, who in so Image result for something little elizabeth lockwoodmany ways i can relate to, our stories are so similar in parts, but yet so different in others and it is very interesting reading about her experiences and how she interprets them.



I wasn’t sure if i was a good candidate for reviewing books! Yes i did English literature at Uni, but those books were classics, ones we all know and were relatively easy to talk about.

These however are so close to my heart, i immediately feel a connection with the authors as we have walked down similar paths, in short, i was worried it would all be a little too close to home, but actually it is the total opposite, they have been a joy to read, and even more of a joy to review!

This project (i like a good project) has really inspired me also, these ladies are fabulous, and so brave for sharing their stories, and it got me thinking, i could be this brave, i have a story to share too!

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So i made a decision to share my own, i will put it all together in to book form, and then go from there, maybe no one will read it, maybe only my fertility friends online will, maybe loads of people will and i will help some to prepare how to deal with all that comes with a life of infertility, either way, i am going to do it, it is something i feel i must do! I have started it, and have so many pieces of writing lying about that i probably won’t have to do that much on the writing side, mostly tweaking and swapping things about, but i am exited about the prospect!

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If anyone has any advice on this, i would greatly appreciate it! 


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