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I took the plunge!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to update you guys on something i was talking about in a previous post..

I’m not sure if i have gone totally crazy but i did it… i went and set up a whole other blog to stress, panic, write,tweet and plan for!!

I have linked it up with this one, as essentially it is part of my ‘post IVF world’ but i didn’t want the subject matter to take up all of what this blog is ultimately about!

So, here it is..        

Its not totally finished as i am working on it while i am not busy with everything that comes with this blog (which these days doesn’t happen very often)

But it is there, and i am exited to document the life of our little puppy when he does EVENTUALLY come home!

But for now, here is a sneak peak of our new arrival, these two are bothers and we get the pick of them!! No idea which one we will end up choosing!

pup pics

I would love to hear of some other dog/puppy/pet blogs to follow and read about and i am hoping that by linking it up to this one, it can be something positive to think of when referring to the often doom and gloom of IVF and fertility issues!

Image result for puppy love

Until next time guys!

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