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Fertility warrior Q&A

Hi Guys,

Okay guys, i have threatened to do this post for so long now! And not really sure why i haven’t, probably mostly fear that people won’t do it and i just look really silly! ( anxiety rearing its ugly head there) But in light of the recent World childless Week i thought now seems like a great time to get this ball rolling!

Okay the idea of this post is;

I have written 10 questions to answer, i will fill out my answers and then tag other fertility bloggers or bloggers that at least have an interest in fertility issues that i have connected with, once they fill out their own answers & add one more question they think will be helpful, they can each tag people they think would be able to answer ( you can tag 1 person, you can tag 100) and then so on and so forth, the idea would be that eventually there will be a documented group of Q&A’s for people looking for advice, support, or even just some info, the more people that do this Q&A the bigger the range of information we will get and the more we can help others.

If you want you could email me a copy of your post if you don’t want to post on your own blog, and as well as, and then once i have quite a few i will re post this with all the questions and answers on!

I have previously asked as many of the people i have tagged as i could if they would be up for doing this, although you don’t have to it might be good to do so, also, it would be great to have as wider range of people as possible, anywhere from people who are concerned it is taking them longer to conceive naturally than expected all the way to people who will never have their own biological children and are considering or have carried out other routes.

Okay, lets give this a shot then! 

Are you male or female?


Where are you in your infertility journey?

I have been diagnosed with Early menopause, a long time ago now, we went on to have IVF but non ended in a life birth, and we have decided not to keep going with it and move on with our lives, it had taken over enough of our lives so far and we are ready to be a happy couple again.

What is your infertility diagnosis if you have one?

Premature ovarian failure, i went through the menopause, younger than expected and therefore can’t have any biological children.

How old were you when you got your diagnosis and how old are you now?

I was 16/17 when i finally got my diagnosis, but they think i went though menopause a good year or two earlier.

What do you do to keep your spirit’s up on the tough days?

I write, before my blog it was just on word documents,  but now i use my blog as a way of getting thoughts and feelings down and to share helpful information to other people suffering from early menopause.

I am also registered to volunteer at the fertility network UK to help support others.

In general though, we fill our life with being busy, we always have plans at the weekend and often do things after work too, its a great was to distract the mind and enjoy life the way it is.

How do you feel you have been treated by medical professionals?

Because my diagnosis was unexpected, and so unusual, i feel like they were confused, and found it hard to accept the diagnosis, it was batted around for a long time and it took a good year for them to actually say for sure that was going on, there were also times they said they thought the menopause would reverse itself however this doesn’t usually happen and it really felt like they were given me false hope!

Have you been offered support of any kind?

I was NEVER offered any support, this is mostly why i write my blog, i want to try and support others who are in the position i was, there wasn’t anyone to help me, but i can help others!

I think subconsciously i am trying to help my younger self by helping others.

If so have you had any?

I have thought about having therapy, but in all honestly its scary and feeling like a huge step i’m not sure i have the guts to take that step!

How do your issues effect you on a day to day basis?

For me it isn’t so much the infertility diagnosis, i think about that and it has effected my life for sure, but it has made me who i am in both positive and negative ways!

It is the IVF side of things that effects me, it is still raw, we had two miscarriages, one was at 3 months after a traumatic time, we lost the baby, i was in hospital for a while and it was painful, physically and emotionally. It still haunts me everyday!

If you could tell yourself something back when you were first diagnosed what would it be?

That things do, eventually find a way of working themselves out, it will be hard, and you will be tested, but you will come out stronger and that is a positive out of all of it, even if things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, you will find a way through, don’t rush it, it will happen when you are ready.



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I am hoping by tagging you it will notify you and you can see this!

Do what you do best and write my lovelies!!

Can i just add. The reason i am doing this is so that there are more resources for people doing online searches into fertility issues and IVF, if anyone has a suggestion where we can keep all these answers in a more contained place that would be awesome!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!





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  1. Sorry. I just read this. I had been taking a break on reading blogs for my last few transfers because it was making me extra emotional and still trying to catch up now that I’m on a break. I would be happy to do the “assignment” emailing you my answers. I’ll get right on it!

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