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Going forward – A more positive post!

Hey guys!

Its been 6 months since i started my ‘Post IVF world’ blog, the journey started a little earlier than that but this blog has really been a huge part of my recovery, which is still very much in progress!!

A lot has changed for me, and a lot has stayed the same.

My dream of writing publicly about my fertility and writing articles that can be seen all over the world so far is going well, and i have written for some great people and companies, i am hoping this continues as my blog carries on growing, ideally i would love to write for a fertility or mental health/ woman’s health magazine regularly, and am working hard to make this a reality!

I have had nearly 4000 views on my blog which is totally astonishing, when i started it, i didn’t have any specific goals in terms of readership, but this far out weighs anything i was expecting and if i have impacted only a 3rd of those people who have viewed my blog i would be over the moon!

There are things i am still working on, i need to streamline the blog and how readers use it, i am also hoping that going self hosted soon would work out better for me, and that i can add features that can help readers interact easier which i can’t (or don’t know how to on WordPress)

I am also working on a book that documents my journey so far, i have mentioned it before and started writing it, but the other day hubby got talking about it again and really inspired me to give it a really good go!

And another thing…

As part of our Post IVF world we are getting a puppy soon! (EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK)

And i am thinking i might link up a new blog where i document the puppy’s life and how it is changing our lives with my current blog, but i have yet to decide if its a good idea or not!! ( would love to hear what you guys think)

So, at this 6 month point in my blog and not far off a year since we started out in our new ‘post IVF world’, things aren’t too bad, but it is so important for me to keep looking forward, because looking back is like looking into a big dark cloud that is constantly racing towards me, trying to catch me and engulf me in the black storm it carries, and i’m not sure the cloud will ever fully clear!


That’s all from me for today!

bye bye




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