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World Childless week, Day 4


How are you all finding World childless week?

I would love to hear how your experiences of this week have been so far!

It’s already day 4 of World childless week and the response has been amazing to see, i really and truly feel so proud to be taking part in something like this, over this week i have been moved to tears from the stories i have read, the people i have spoken to and the difference we are all making to each others lives!

So today, the theme is ‘innocent words that hurt’ this is something that can be a running theme through anyone with fertility issues life.

I wrote a post based around this idea the other day, you can read it here if you like..

The World childless weeks website will have articles around this topic to read and i think a live panel later on in the day (don’t quote me on that though)

But my advice, or ‘words of wisdom’ if i do actually have any of them, which is debatable for sure, would be, think before you speak, and if you know someone if having fertility issues, let them lead the conversation about it, they will talk as much or as little about it as they feel comfortable, it can differ from day to day, heck, for me it can differ from minute to minute, but i always freak out when i am not expecting to talk about it, and would much rather lead the conversation!

So yeah, that’s my main pieces of advice and can stop any hurt and pain on either side of the conversation! 

Short one today, but we are all far too busy reading and taking part in this ‘movement; this week to read one of my long rambling posts!!


bye bye


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