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World Childless week.

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Today marks the beginning of the first World Childless Week.

Here is the link to the Facebook page if you would like to find out more

But what does this mean?

And what do we have to do in aid of this?

Well, nothing, nothing you don’t feel like you want to, or can do!

Being Childless not by choice comes with many challenges, many of which i have spoken about at length so far on my blog, but for this week, the idea is to get people talking.

Its about removing the stigma attached to not having children, especially when it is not by choice  and to get people talking about it as part of our way of life and not something to be embarrassed of, if more people felt comfortable talking about this kind of thing then fertility related issues could be found sooner and possibly helped with treatment.

This week, as always, i am owning the fact that i can’t have children, it hurts, it makes me sad, it makes me angry, but it is what it is and i won’t let society make me feel bad for this. 

I hope that any of you who have children, or don’t have fertility issues take just a minute this week to read one of the many posts that will be circulating, or maybe just like one of the many Facebook or Twitter posts that will be around,just a nod to us, to say, you acknowledge what we are doing and why.

It would mean more than you can imagine, to me, and i am sure to everyone out there who is childless without having a chance to choose if they want to be or not, to know that others out there on’t judge us, or turn their noses up at us.

I am going to try and write a post a day this week in aid of World Childless Week, although i have never managed to do that many in a row!

Wish me luck!


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