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It’s time for some new goals!

Hey Guys,

Can you believe it is nearly September!? Where has this year gone, its freaking me out, i am sure the older you get the faster the years go, does anyone else feel like this?!

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I haven’t done a post about my weekly goals for a while now, as some of you will know i did them every week for a while, and i got a lot from doing so, although I am not actively setting them I still have things I want to achieve on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis.. so I thought I would outline some things that are on my to do list.. some are long term some are short term..

Do the spare room out… (need to choose colours, textures, blind/curtains) any advice for a cosy spare room would be fab!
After the disaster that was our rescue dog.., read about that here… we want to get a puppy.. we are thinking cavapoo!! Pretty cute, not too big and very lovable! We are currently on a waiting list with one breeder and waiting to hear from another that might have one available soon!
I want to schedule some posts for the next couple of months.. things are going to be busy at work and I’m afraid that I won’t have as much time to sit and blog on a night time, every night, like i have been doing recently.
Find funding so I can start my forum.. it’s all set to go now but I think a full on bespoke site would be better from the get go!
I also want to look in to paid writing jobs.. I’m not sure if people will want to pay me to write but it’s worth a shot because I love it, and I have a LOT to say.. if anyone has any suggestions on this front I would greatly appreciate it!
I wrote the above point the other day… I have been pondering on it.. and want to review it..
I want to be writing or have written something that would be a paying job. I can do this! So I’m going for it!!

So these are a couple of things I want to do. Preferably before the end of the year! If not sooner! But it does get to September and time just rolls away.. and it will be here before long! So I best get cracking!
What are your goals before the year is out?

I cant wait to hear what your goals are, i think it really is great to set them big or small, it can give your purpose when you feel like you have none!

Until then though…

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bye bye


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