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My weeks highlights.

Hi guys!

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend!! 

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I have had a tough week this week, as i briefly spoke about in my post  here  but i thought that now the week is over i would pick out the best bits, the idea is that hopefully it makes me concentrate on the positives rather than the negative things that have happened, therefore hopefully leading to a better mental welbeing for the new week ahead!

So, here it goes…

1, My little sister came home from london for two weeks!! I am such a family girl!! My sister in particular is a huge part of my life and it sucks that she lives so far from us now! She came home on Monday night and we all went to my parents house, ate a home cooked meal, chatted, laughed and generally spent time together!! 

2, Wednesday evening, the family came over for a BBQ, in true (our family name) style we sat outside, while hubby BBQ’d and refused to acknowledge the fact that is was most certainly trying to rain! It wasn’t cold, we didn’t get soaked and we laughed alot, afterwards me and hubby talked about how glad we are that we have the space to entertain people and spend time with the family at ours (we recently moved from a much smaller house with an even smaller garden)!!

3, We have been making plans for my Birthday!! I am..ahem…..Twenty…!! On saturday but i am not letting that get me down! I am so looking forward to celebrating with my friends and family, especially an afternoon of prosecco and quality time with my sister on friday!! 

4, I have been after some Joules ‘wellibobs’ for ages now, and i finally ordered them this week!! Cannot wait to get them.. this is what they look like for those who don’t know…

Image result for joules wellibob

I just think they are UBER cool!!!

5.. last but not least, after the fiasco that was our rescue dog, which i spoke about in this post, we have decided its time to think about getting a puppy, thinking we might go for Cavapoo and have bee in contact with some breeders!! 

So i think thats about it, but for a week that i would say has been the worst in quite a while, i am not doing so bad!

How has your week been? And what has been your highlight??

Until next time..

bye bye


11 thoughts on “My weeks highlights.

  1. This sounds like an amazing week, it’s great that your sister has come down to visit and that you had a family BBQ! The boots aren’t my style but I can appreciate them they’re very trendy x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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      1. They really are so cute and have got such a loving temperament, we got ours from we traveled 2 hrs to get him as advert was clear he came from loving breeders and defo not from puppy farm, you can tell a lot from the adverts and meeting them before you buy. We preferred to travel further and pay a little more to get the dog of our dreams and he really is!! He is my shadow, he follows me round the house bless him xx Any doggy questions just ask, happy to give a 2nd glance at an advert for you if you want xxx

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      2. Ah thats lovely! He sounds like the perfect dog for you! I haven’t even gone near sites like that yet. just spoken to breeders! its all so overwhelming! Thank you so much my love!! If you still have the contact number maybe i could get it and give them a call or email? Its nice to know they are good people who look after the pups!

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      3. Yes, there is lots to consider! She is based in Folkestone, I will dig out the number if you want? Archie is an F1 cavapoo so his Dad is a miniature poodle and his mum is a King Charles caviller, he only sheds his fur twice a yr so he doesn’t create as much mess, but we do have to get him groomed every 8 weeks or so xxx

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