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I want to talk about routine..

Hi Guys,

Today i want to talk about routine, it is a funny concept, one which most people either love or hate, and i would be so interested to hear which way you see it!

For me, routine rules the roost! Without routine i freak out, i am the same with change, although i am learning to accept it as much as possible as the saying goes…

Image result for change is as good as a holiday

And i do agree, i just find it hard to let go of behaviour that makes me feel safe and secure, that’s the bottom line! 

The other night my friend was telling me how chaotic her life is, she has a new temp job where she works in the evening and spends the day at home… she is waiting on hearing about a full time job she should be starting but they are dragging their heels on it and she is in limbo! Even the thought of being in that situations sends shivers down my spine, and of course she can’t help it but it has highlighted for me how quickly a routine can be set and then smashed to pieces..she explained that her first week at this temp job was the worst, she didn’t know where she was at and it effected her mentally, the second was a little better and the third week it was beginning to feel normal!

My total panic over thinking about this lack of routine got me thinking, how does having a routine effect me and why?

For some people the thought of having to do things at certain times is their idea of hell.. so i had a little think and came up with  things that make having a routine good for me!

1.My mental health thanks me – My anxiety levels go through the roof when i don’t have a general plan for any given length of time, the day, the week, my life in general!! When i can think through what my movements will be and why i am doing them i feel so much calmer and things are much more bearable, i am in control, and i need that! 


2. Ticking things off the list! I am a self confessed obsessive list maker, by planning my day and creating a routine, i am much more likely to tick things off the list that i need or even want to do, it means once i have achieved what i feel like i have to, i am able to relax into something that i want to do like watching TV, catching up with friends etc.

Image result for ticking things off a list

3. Going to bed on time. This, i suppose goes hand in hand with the above point, but i like to have an hour before bed where i put my PJ’s on, and just watch something to wind down, but because i know i can’t switch off until i feel like i have got everything done, if i didn’t have a plan of what needs done there’s no way i would achieve this, and i go in to a bit of a melt down when its getting late and i’m still busy, at that point i am tired too and that’s when my anxiety attacks are the worst! 

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4. Decisions are already made, giving you more time to do what you need, and it gets faster too. When i come in from work i sit down and do an hour ish of blog work, no fuss, just sit down laptop on and get it done, that means by 7 o clock i’m pretty much done with that and can chill and have dinner with hubby, because i do it the same everyday i don’t have to try and fit it in, its already there, organised and planned, it sounds crazy maybe, but i feel way more productive this way!

Image result for productive

5. It keeps me SANE and that is the most important thing! For me, a routine avoids chaos, in a physical and emotional sense! I am a creature of habit, its probably more that i am a control freak! But it works for me!

I am not a fan of the fact that i HAVE to do things in a certain way, for years i tried to fight against it and be ‘more adventurous’ but as i have got older i have realised that i actually wasted more time trying to change! I am who i am, and that’s okay! And actually if anyone came to me worried about how chaotic certain parts of their life is, i would certainly suggest trying a routine out, it doesn’t have to be tying, and regimented in every way, it can just be a way to make life a little easier, and isn’t that what we all want?

I would love to hear what your thoughts on routine are and if you stick to one or not!! 

Until next time my friends….

bye bye


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20 thoughts on “I want to talk about routine..

  1. I love routine but I just don’t have one because my work hours change, university and having insomnia – so I never get to bed on time! But for the things I do like blogging, research etc I always plan and tick things off x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  2. I have a routine too- I am autistic so I am pretty determined about my routine. I do not feel good if I differ from it. But I also think it’s good to have things like a rough bedtime as it keeps your body clock regular and you get better sleep. 🙂


  3. I think routine is so deeply rooted in discipline. And the more disciplined I get with my routine – the more willpower I have. That way I accomplish so much more, so I love routines. I am also a bit of a control freak so….I can only one day hope to have such an exciting life that it negates the need to have structure, but I like it, it keeps me on track! 🙂

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    1. Yes i totally get what you are saying there! I think it does get to a point where routine is just a way of life and you do it without thinking..setting up the routine can be the hardest part! For me, routine equals a happier life, i would be in chaos otherwise!

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  4. I like to have a routine for most of the week, just occasionally mixing things up a bit. I like to know what I’m doing in advance, no surprise plans! Interesting to read your points on why routine helps you!

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  5. I thrive on a routine and am happiest when there is one in place and so do my kids. However, sometimes this drive to follow a routine hinders my ablity to ever be spontaneous and can hold me back. I like to have a plan and idea of what is coming next, and bumps along the way cause stress and anxiety. However, life is all about having flexibility so I am trying to get better and a flexible routine!

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    1. Yes I know what you mean. It can hold me back too. But I am much happier when I am in a routine and know what I’m doing than I would be if I was trying to be spontaneous.. the anxiety I get thinking about it isn’t really worth it for me!


  6. I can’t survive without a routine and a to-do list. I am so TYPE A personality! I feel utterly lost if I haven’t got everything I need to do written down and things separated into 14 different lists. I feel so organised and if that’s taken away from me I don’t know what to do!

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  7. oh gosh I’m always making lists too! I love when I can tick something off and then I can relax feeling like I’ve done something productive. My hubby is the opposite. He’d rather relax first at the weekend and then leave all the chores till later whereas I just want to get the annoying stuff over with!

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