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Keeping busy keeps me going!

Hi Guys!

How are you all?

This week has been going pretty well for me so far, busy but great in the writing department! 

 My guest post over at Infertility and life went live, it was amazing to work with such a fabulous blogger who is so open and honest about her journey, if you have 5 minutes pop over and take a look!!

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I have been asked to do 2 more collab posts and i have been trying to keen on top of blogging and generally offering help and support out there in the infertility world, i am not going to lie, i am feeling totally pumped!!!

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I have also joined Facebook with an account for my blog!!!

So if you fancy, pop over, just search PostIVF and i am sure you will find me, i currently have a grand total of 2 friends over there!!! So PLEASE be my friend, it feels a little bit lonely/pointless at the moment!!

Anyway… away from begging for friends….

I am really enjoying getting some proper writing work under my belt, by ‘proper writing’ i mean where someone approaches me with a general idea and i have to work towards that idea in a time frame, of course writing my blog is still writing, i can do what i want when i want, and i really love that, but there is something about being asked to write for others as well.. in an ideal world i would love to start writing for a fertility magazine, or such like, but hey, lets see how things go eh!?

I am going to go by this mantra…

Image result for i can dream

This week i have also been searching for funding, i am hoping to launch a new Forum for people who are having fertility problems, a safe place for Men and Women along with friends and family who are supporting such people, it would be a place to discuss anything they like without judgement, the idea would be that it is not an IVF forum, so people will be safe from pregnancy announcements etc which can be so hard to deal with…especially when you just need a good rant to people who get it!

I quickly realised that there isn’t anyone out there that is only giving out money to people who are trying to support the infertile community so i have reached out to broader funders and social media funders too!

If anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it, it really could help so many people and i would really appreciate getting this off the ground!! 

So, before i finish, one more thing i have manged this week…

There are OVER 100 of you that actually read my blog, my mind can’t even work this out, seriously, i can’t begin to thank you all for reading, and i hope that at least some of you get something positive out of your time spent looking over my posts.. that’s why i do this, for everyone who is suffering, silent or otherwise!

And don’t forget! if you ever need to chat.. i have a contact page just waiting to be used! 

Right, so… i am going to get some more writing done, i hope you guys are having a good week, and keep on connecting, its great speaking to you all!!

Much love,

bye bye


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